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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival) - Season 1 - Episode 70
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Wakie sleepy head!” I heard someone scream into my ear the next morning. I slowly opened my eyes and the sight that welcomed me was a shocker. “Khole!” i shouted as i hurried out of bed and jumped on her. Khole was looking really ravishing in a simple wear and more beautiful than ever. “easy sis, don’t sq££ze the life out of me”. Khole said and i released her from my grip. “when did you get here?” i asked. “this morning” khole replied. “where is Josh?” i asked. “He went back on a bussiness trip” khole replied. “woah and you will be staying here with us?” i asked and khole noded with a smile.I rushed at her for a hug and i ended up pushing her on the bed.Myself and khole talked about everything, yet we could not get enough of eachother. Khole had alot to tell me about her honeymoon and i could not help but envy her as she narrated her experience. Later in the day myself and khole went to the new apartment Josh got for them.It was a big mansion built in the secluded area of the state. After touring the house to my satisfaction, khole decided it was time to leave. Jordan called on my way back home with khole in a bid to remind me of our date, i told him i would be there and i could feel the excitement in his voice before i ended the call.
*** Time checked 4:00pm. I was simply dressed in a red flowing gown with a silver sandal and a matching clutch. I bid my foster parent and khole goodbye before i left in my car. I called Jordan i was on my way and he told me to come over to five star restaurant not far from his house. I saw Jordan immediately i parked in front of the restaurant, he ushered me in and we settle in an empty table. Jordan made an order and held my hand, making romantic promises as we waited on our order. “enjoy your order ma’am” the waiter said as he placed a covered plate in front of me and another infront of Jordan. Jordan opened his plate of fried rice and i opened mine. “What?!!” i screamed in shock. What was in my plate was not rice but a Shinning Golden ring. Jordan got on one kneels with smile and loudly said “WILL YOU MARRY ME NANCY?”
¤¤¤¤ Jordan got the ring from the plate and went on a kneel before saying “Will you marry me Nancy?” To say i was shocked is an understatement, because the proposal came as nothing but a rude shock. Getting proposed to is every girl’s dream and screaming “YES!” as an answer is like the simplest thing on earth but answering the question gets tedious when the love is no longer burning. In my case the question was difficult to answer because i was not sure if i could put up with Jordan’s behaviour for the rest of my life if we were at all bounded by marriage and on the other hand i could not vouch if accepting Jordan’s proposal and refusing to get married to him would not create a messy suituation. “Common sunshine, am waiting, we are waiting” Jordan’s voice brought me out of my thought. “We?” i asked as i looked around our table. There was a crowd of people already with their smart phones up, ready to capture the event. I murmured ” oh my God” as i slowly stood to my feet and faced Jordan. I looked at Jordan, he was happily on a kneel with a ring in his hand. I could not bare to reject him publicly because i could not imagine the embarrassment it would cause and knowing Jordan to be soft hearted, i knew he could end up hurting himself if i should reject him. I wished my family was with me as i slowly walked to Jordan.My family were the only people i trusted with making a life time decision for me.I was infront of Jordan with my hand stretched out already when i thought of what my mom decision would be. “Never sacrifice your happiness for nobody” I remembered my mom’s words and i realised i was ready to accept Jordan’s proposal just because i did not want him to be embarrassed. “My happiness should come first! No matter what”. I heard a voice

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