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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival) - Season 1 - Episode 71
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scream in my head and i took a quick step backward, away from Jordan causing the ring to fall off. “What is wrong baby?” Jordan asked, but instead of giving him a response, i grabbed my phone from the table and sprinted out. Without minding the crowd or the out come of my action, i ran to the exist as fast as my legs could carry me. “Nancy! Nancy!” I could hear Jordan’s voice behind but his screaming did nothing to stop me. Not until i got out of the restaurant did i realise that i left my car key and my bag behind. Going back was an impossible idea. I was still thinking on what to do when i heard Jordan scream my name from behind. I could not wait because i could not face him and i could not bare to see the disappointment in his eyes. “Bike!” I shouted immediately i saw an empty commercial bike coming my way. I mounted on the bike and told the driver to fly away.

He zoomed off and the sadness i felt within me after leaving Jordan behind knew no bound. “I thought i would be happy that i made the right decision” i thought with tears in my eyes. **** I rushed off the bike immediately the driver parked in front of my gate, forgetting to settle the bike man, all i wanted was to be in comfort of my room. ” Madam wey my money?” the bike driver’s voice stopped me at the gate, i told the gate man to pay him and ran inside. I met Mi mom and Khole in the livingroom, i could not even bring myself to greet the duo as i ran into my room. “Nancy! What is wrong with you? Open up” i heard mi mom and khole’s voice from outside. I slowly walked to the door and let them in. “Nancy what is it? Where is your car? Were you robbed?” mi mom asked immediately she got in. I replied no as I slowly walked to my bed. ” Then what happened?” khole asked.

I cleaned the tears forming in my eyes and said “He proposed” Mi mom moved closer to me and asked “who proposed?” i told her Jordan and she asked if i accepted him. I could no longer talk inbetween my tears so i only noded. Mi mom took mi into her arms and said “you did the right thing”. After a long time of continuous weeping, i told khole and mi mom that i wanted to be alone and they obeyed my wish. I was about to lay on my bed when i got a message alert. “Thanks for the public disgrace, i thought you love me but i never knew it was all for show.You car is with me and do not dare to send someone to get it for you.Get your butt0ckz down here cos i need answers! (Jordan).” That was the message content.I read the message over again with shaky hands before i quickly disconnected my phone and dump it under my bed.I wrapped myself up like a child, expecting war from Jordan. *** “You have a guest” khole said as she woke me up the next morning.I slowly came out of bed and went to the livingroom. To my surprise it was kelvin. “Nancy what happened to you?” kelvin asked with worries as he hugged me.I gently settled in a chair and narrated all that happened to kelvin. “What rubbish! Who does he think he is? Am getting your things right away!”.Kelvin shouted and stormed out of the house.All my effort to get him back proved abortive. Knowing what Jordan could do, i was scared for kelvin. I wished he listened to me!.

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