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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival) - Season 1 - Episode 74
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i should wish you for her” mi mom said. “Khole left without me?” i asked with a frown and promised to deal with her.

The day was going toward the boring angle until kelvin called.At first i was mad at him for taking time to call but i ended up accepting his apology with the excuse that he had a urgent work.Kelvin told me to get ready for an outing by evening before ending the call. **** At exactly 6:00pm i was fully dressed in a Donna Karan gown over a christian louboutin heels.With a Cleopatra clutch i was set for my outing with kelvin. Kelvin arrived thirty minutes later and we left after he greeted my foster parent. *** “what are we doing here?” i asked immediately kelvin opened the door for me to get down.”There will soon be a live football match and i want to see it with you” kelvin said with a smile.”i wonder what kind of a guy brings a lady to the stadium on her birthday” i said.”Only guys like me”.Kelvin said with a smile as he led me into the stadium.

After thirty minutes of getting no sign of anybody in the stadium i told kelvin we should leave since it looked like we were at the wrong place.”I thought there is suppose to be a football match. Lets see the middle of the field” kelvin sad and i lazily followed him. PINK! BLUE! GREEN! Just like a magic all the lights in the stadium went on immediately we got to the middle of the stadium. I looked around me, with my mouth opened, staring at the beautiful light. “Nancy!” i heard kelvin say behind. “Yes” i said as i turned to him. “WTF is happening?” i screamed.

I was so surprised to see him on one kneel!

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