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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 8
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I tried to convince them not to go see a movie but they would not listen to me. I had no other choice than to follow them. We got to the cinema and decided to see a Romantic movie. We ended up seeing the movie titled “100 days with Mr. Arrogant” we paid the necessary fees,got popcorn and drinks and was ready to see the movie. The movie was about a high school girl who mistakenly damaged a rich guy’s car. Since she could not afford the repair fee she ended up signing a contract to be the guy’s slave for a hundred days. They afterwards fell inlove and ended up together. At first the movie was more of comedy and through a corner of my eyes i could see khole laughing and whispering somethings into Josh’s ear and they would both laugh again. I did not realize that Jordan was looking at me until he bent toward me and said in a whisper ” i can let u whisper into my ear and fake a smile pretending its funny”. I just shook my head and focused on the screen,wondering while he would not mind his bussiness. I made my popcorn my companion. In the middle of the movie i was getting tired already. My tiredness turned into jealousy when i saw khole leaning on Josh’s shoulder while he was patting her on her back. I tried to hide my jealousy and concentrated on the movie. Jordan bent toward me again and said ” I can let you lean ur big head on my shoulder if u want to” I looked at him and shoook my head,he was smilling. I wonder if he was watching the movie or me. Minutes later i started yawning since i was tired of sitting. I felt a hand on a side of my head,i looked up to Jordan and he smilled at me,he then slowly and forcefully pulled my head toward his shoulder. I wanted to resist but he was way stronger than i am. I finally gave in and my head landed on his shoulder. I stopped fighting to free myself when i felt more comfortable resting on him. The comfort made me feel sleepy but i was forcing my self not to sleep. A tap on my shoulder woke me up,until then i did not realise that i slept off. Jordan told me the movie was over and it was time to go home. I raised my head from his shoulder and saw khole on her feet adjusting her dress.

I did the same and we left the cinema. Khole was walking with Josh so i had to walk with Jordan.
He did not make nasty comment but he teased me about been the only one that slept during the movie. I wonder if d romantic movie changed his life tho. Jordan asked me about school and other stuffs. It was during the conversation i got to know that he his a 200level mechanical engineering student of Kwara state university.

He complained on how his parent would not let him out of sight been an only child and how much he would have loved to school out of his parent’s monitoring eyes. He made a joke out of everything and we laughed alot. Finally the love birds were done and ready to leave. I saw Jordan off to his car and bid him goodnight.

Josh took us home and waited for about 10mins discussing with khole again after i highlighted from the car. I wonder if those two will get tired of talking one day. They finally said goodbye and Josh left. Mom was home already,time checked 7:00pm, i knew she was going to scold us and she did not disappoint me. She went on and on talking about the dangers of the night.

After mom’s long scolding we apologised and had our bath before having dinner. After dinner i went to my room with Khole and she would’nt stop teasing me about been inlove with Jordan and pretending to hate him. ‘I now see Jordan as a new person different from the rude guy i used to know but that does not mean am inlove with him,infact i dont even love him’ i told khole. I had to pretend to be asleep when after all my explanation khole wont stop insisting that am inlove with Jordan.


I woke up early the following day and was dressed for church by 6:30. Mom was surprised to see me fully dressed by that time and she was more surprised when i told her i was going to church. Khole let out my little secret and told mom i was going in search of my prince charming. Mom and khole kept on making jest of me and i insisted i was going to thank God for my new age. We had breakfast and i left for church with Khole in her car. Josh also came to church and we had lunch after church. Funny enough i was looking around hoping to see Jordan pop up from no where like he did yesterday but he did not. We left for home after lunch and i had my nap. Later in evening khole packed her belongings ready to leave. I would miss her alot that words cant describe,i pleaded with her not to leave but she said she had to resume school and she promised to keep in touch with me.

I saw her off with mom,we took turn to hug her and helped her with her bag,Khole zoomed off and i almost cried!.

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