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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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When khole departed it was as if she took a part of me along with her. I had always love to be in someone’s company and she has been my companion ever since my sixteenth birthday. Sometimes i wished nt 2 be an only child with nobody to talk to apart from my mom. Mom has always been there 4 me and she gives me a listening ear whenever i want 2 talk 2 her but it does not measure up to having a young mind like myself to gist and reason with. I had to force a smile when mom was beginning to feel bad because of me. Mom finally consoled me with the fact that i could make new friends in school and if they are trust worthy i could invite them over. I ended up in mom’s arm and some how i felt better. I had dinner with mom and she tried to have a
disscussion with me by telling me different things about bussiness and how business transactions are been made. After dinner we watched a movie and by 9:00pm we were ready to retire for the day. I set an alarm to wake me up by 6:00am since the coaching was to begin by 9:00am.

I slept off after thinking of Khole,Josh and Jordan.
The sound from my alarm woke me up on monday morning. I got up and said my prayer before brushing my teeth and going to mom’s room. She was up already and reading from her bible. I greeted mom and she blessed me before asking if i was ready for school. I answered positively and mom asked if i needed her to pick a dress for me been my first day,i told her i was sixteen and big enough to pick the right dress. We both laughed and she playfully sent me out of her room since i was proving not to need her help. I left mom’s room for mine where i had my bath and got ready for school. I wore a red short gown with a black pair of moses sandal,i also wore a simple blue earring,necklace and hand bracelet with my rolex wrist watch on the other hand. I packed some writing material ,my ipod,a head phone and other necessary things into a blue bag. I briefly took a glance at my room. Satisfied am not leaving anything behind,i left for the dinning room where my breakfast of tea and bread was waiting for me. I had my breakfast and was ready by 8:30am,i went to mom’s room to bid her goodbye and left in a toyota corolla car with the driver. Mom gave him the instruction to drop me off and come back for me by 2:00pm. At first i was alittle bit nervous when i got down from the car. I closed my eyes and let out a deep breathe before heading to the main building in the big compound where ‘Wisdom Jamb Tutorial’ was boldly written. I went to the reception and a beautiful lady attended to me. She asked politely what i was there for and other necessary questions.

I told her i was a student and she briefly checked her system to confirm if i had paid all the necessary fees. Been satisfied with what she saw she looked up at me with a smile and opened a big box on her table. She searched the content before bringing out a student identification card with a tag. I collected the I.d and she asked me to put it on whenever i am in the school premises and it will be my pass ticket everyday till am done here. She told me where art department was and i said my thank you before leaving. I got to the lecture room with the inscription ‘Art Class’ written on the entrance. Few student were in already,i greeted them and i could feel their eyes on me as i settled in an empty chair and got bussy with my phone.

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