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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Toni: “are you still there?” i ask whenthe line is silent for too long “umm yea, you took me bysurprise that’s all. Lets meet at theaddress I’ll send you, to discuss thedetails.” “okay” i say and the line goesdead. Ok, this is it. My baby isn’t really the only reason why i amagreeing to marrying Steven. I feel the chemistry between us and iwant to explore it. If my plans to capture his heart doesn’t go well,the 10million I’ll get at the end will help me start a new life. Imight open my dream restaurant.I close my eyes for a while and prayfor the best. “so what made you change yourmind?” Stevens asks. We are in asmall cozy restaurant at the end of mystreet. The place is dimly lit and our table has two pink candlescasting a romantic feel to ourtable. I wonder why he chose thisrestaurant. Anyone looking at uswould think we are too lovers, hopelessly inlove with each other. Theywouldn’t be able to fathom the kind ofsituation we are in right now. “marrying you would be anadventure i cant miss” i saynonchalantly and shrug my shoulders. “an adventure” he muses. I haveto be more convincing. I cant lethim think i have an ulterior motive. Hewill surely doubt me if i come straight out andtell him i ampregnant for him. He alreadythinks i am a gold-digger. “10million naira is alot of money” isay as a way of explanation. His face falls for a sec then he smiles. “then its a deal?. Marry me for ayear and walk away with10million naira?” “i have some rules I’ll like toenforce during our shammarriage” i say and steven’s brow rise. “go on” “before our marriage, you buy ahouse and i get the house afterour marriage” he raises his brows atme then gesture for me tocontinue. “during our one year of marriage,there would be no sex betweenus” i continue “i have no problem with that” “no infidelity” “i can do that” “if anything happens, say you findout something you don’t like andit breaks the marriage before thecompletion of the year, i still getmy money” “what could that be?” “just promise” “okay i promise. I have my rulestoo.” “i am listening” “k, we have to behave like we arein love in public and in front of my family.”he says and i nod at him. Ican do that “and by pretend, i mean holdinghands, smiling at each other and kissing if necessary” okay, thatcould work in my advantage. “what else?” i ask “we have to sleep in the samebed” “but i said no se-“i say and he cutsme off “its just for appearance. The maidscould leak somethings to thepress” “then we live alone. No maids” “even if there are no maids, wecould have a surprise visitor” “okay fine!” i sayand pout at himand he laughs “you were not against the idea ofsex with me when you sneakedinto my room last month” he mumurs but iignore him. “so, are you ready?” he asks as hegoes down on one knee thenbring out a ring from his pocket. Itsbeautiful. “antonia, love of my life, do methe honour and marry me. Ipromise to love you till i die” he says. Thismay be ake but my heart isbeating ten to the dozen. My hands areeven shaking in nervousness. “yes baby, I’ll marry you” i sayand stretch my left hand towardshim and he puts the ring on fingerthen kisses it. This does ridiculous things to my heart. I don’tremember feeling this way whenKacy proposed. The lying cheat. Hisstupid ring is lying at the bottomof my wardrobe. I cant believe i fellfor him. I was so naive that i didn’t see any signs that he wasmarried. I push thoughts of kacyout of my mind as Steven standsupright and hold my waist. Hestares into my eyes with a strangeexpression on his face. His headstarts moving towards me and i realise that he isgoing to kiss me. His scent saturates my senses and my eyesflutter close. As soon as his lips brush mine in a light caress, itfeels like electricity is passing from his lips tomine. I feel Stevenstiffen and his hand on my waist goes tighter like he felt the same.His kiss intensifies but then he stops suddenly. I groan mydisappointment then open myeyes when i hear flashes. The press are hereand they are taking pictures. Hemust have alerted them. No wonder hechose this restaurant with aromantic setting. I had thought the kisswas real. He was probably actingfor the camera. Steven pulls me to hisside and kiss my temple then whisper in my ears. “that was amazing” and i blush “i should have known that youare a great actress. I think wehave them fooled”he says and my heartsinks.I smile on the outside as our pictures get taken. An hour later, i am at home. I siton the sofa and ponder how i am going to break the news of kacy’sbetrayal and my new engagementto my family.My brother is beside mesurfing through the tv. I seekacy’s picture on a new channel and askhim to stop. “he was found hanging from hisceiling fan few hours after his pregnant wife was found dead.”the reporter says. “Jesus!”i shout and my mom anddad come out of their room toinspect the noise. I hear my brother tellthem about the news. “i knew something was up withthat young man. Thank God youhaven’t married him.”my mom says to mebut i just think about kacy’swife.She was probably getting kidnappedwhen i saw her. “what is the meaning of this?!”mydad yells and point to the tv.I look at the tv and behold its me andSteven with his hands around mywaist. The headline reads: most eligiblebachelor getting married. Oh no. “surprise” i say and grimace. “you are getting married?. Toyour boss? How? when?” “i love him dad” i half-lie “when did you meet him that youare already in love with him?! Iwould not be a party to this. This washow you rushed into courtshipwith kacy and now see what it turnedinto.” “dad, i am old enough to knowwhat i want. I am marrying Stevenand that’s final” “toni! Listen to your father!” “mom, i thought you like him” “i do, but this is too sudden” “i am marrying Steven next monthso dad, mom, you better accept itor you’ll lose a daughter” i say andwalk to my room.

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