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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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Steven: Today has been bizarre. I hadwoken up thinking about antoniajust like every other day since the dayi met her. I was pondering ifmaybe she wasn’t a gold-digger like athought. Maybe she was reallydrunk like me that night. I had dialed hernumber which i collected from her friend who worked here severaltimes without calling her. Whatwould i say to her?. The last time we met,she said she never wanted to seeme again. I knew that She wouldn’tbe so happy about my call. I had forced myself to concentrate onwork until my lawyer called me. Ihad asked him to check if antonia hadany claim on the land my dad desperately wants. “what have you found out?”i hadasked without any greetings. Iwas anxious to know “miss antonia’s name is on theland’s deed just like you thought”he said in his gravely voice. “so, give me legal advice. If i am toget married to antonia, how much claim would i have on the land?” “legally, you would have noclaims at all sir because that landwas hers before your marriage. Itwouldn’t be marital property” “so there’s no way my marriage toher would get me her land?” “no, except she willingly gives itto you or you could make hersign away her rights to you withouther knowledge” i know shewouldn’t willingly give the land to me butwould i be able to deceive her like that?. I was still thinking about mynext course of action when my phone rang in my hands. As soonas i saw antonia’s name, my heart leapt and i became as giddy as ateenage boy with a crush. Thatwas when i knew that i couldn’tdeceive her like that and that this feelings i have for her was morethan just attraction. I never expected her to accept mywedding proposal though. Whatcould be her reason?. Now that i know that ourmarriage wouldn’t get me herland, there’s no need to get marriedright? But when i saw her waitingfor me in the cozy restaurant i chose,looking so beautiful and innocent in her black maxi dress, iproposed. Not for her land or formy father. I just proposed. I didn’texpect the restaurant to have a romantic feel but it was perfectwith the candles making ourdinner romantic. When she accepted, icouldn’t help but kiss her. Itstarted out like an innocent kiss but thechemistry between us ignited andi just wanted to taste her more. Ourmoment was spoiled when themedia made their entrance though.Antonia had groaned like sheDidnt want our kiss to end, making mewonder if she felt the same way idid. I wonder who called them. Afterthe media left, antonia and iagreed to get married next month. Sheseems to be in a hurry to getmarried. She may have other agendas for thismarriage but i intend to make herlove me before our 1 year ends. I wantto wake up every morning of mylife to her sweet smiling face. I wantto be a part of her family that makes me feel welcome. I justhave to make sure she is not a gold-digger. I still cant fall foranother Jane. When i get to my suite, i call myprivate investigatorto find out Everything he can on antonia especially about her sociallife and the guys she have dated before now. After talking with myp.i, i turn on the news channel. Nothing interesting is on but theni see antonia’s fiance on the news. I turn the volume up and i amshocked to hear that he is deadand that he had a pregnant wife. Weren’tthey supposed to get married this month?. I cant believe the b-----ddeceived my antonia. Or could itbe that antonia knew he was marriedbut just wanted money. No, shelooked shocked when she saw him withthe pregnant lady two weeks ago.The dead fiance doesn’t seem richeither. Could this be the reasonwhy antonia changed her mind?. I amstill pondering this when myphone ring in my hands. Its antonia! “hello” i say trying to make myvoice seem detached when all iwant to cuddle her and console her. “Steven, my parents just saw ourengagement on tv. Everything isin chaos right now. They say its toosoon” she says “we could try to convince them.Maybe we should push thewedding back to two or three months fromnow” “no!. I want the wedding now!. Imean, i want it to be soon” why is she in a hurry? “why do you want it soon?” i askbecause i need to know if this isabout money. “umm. I want it now so that umm.So i wouldn’t lose my nerve. Yes,so i won’t change my mind” shesays. She is definitely hidingsomething. “then what do we do? How canwe change their mind?” “well, i don’t know. Think ofsomething” an idea hits me. This isthe perfect opportunity to put myplans of making her love me, into action. “i amnot sure, you would like myidea” i say nonchalantly “what is it?” “we have to elope. Lets leave thecountry. Get married in Paris, maybe. That should convincethem?” i expect her to refuse oreven back out of our marriage. “yes!. Why didn’t i think of that?.When do we elope?” she asks andi am stunned. “umm tomorrow morning. But iwant you to pack somenecessities. I’ll pick you at your house in anhour. Do you have a passport?” “no. I have never travelled out ofthe country” “that would delay us a bit but fornow, you’ll live with me before your passport is processed. Canyou do this?” again i expect her to say a resounding no but shesurprise me. “yes, i can. Make sure you parkyour car some distance from myhouse so you wouldn’t alert my parents.Call me when you get here and I’ll sneak out” “alright, take care” i say and theline goes dead.Looks like we are going to Paris! who is coming with us?

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