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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Toni: WOW,we are going to Paris!Okay, inever expected this turn of eventbut its perfect.Paris, the city of loveis the perfect place to entice Steven and if we are alreadymarried, my parents would haveno other choice but to trust me and acceptthe marriage. Waiting to convincemy parents would have been the bestoption but how long would ittake? I want this as soon as possible,before my pregnancy startsshowing. Steven would be here soon so, ineed to start packing. I bring mysmall suitcase down from the top of mywardrobe and something fallswith it. I bend down and see that its abracelet.The goodluck charm iwas given eight years ago in thehospital when my brother wasadmitted.I remember this bracelet for yearsafter that.The only time i didn’t wear it was during my 2monthscoma. When i woke up, the onlything i remembered for a week was thatboy and this bracelet. He was kindof my first love. I took this bracelet offthree years ago when kacy and i started courtship. What a waste.Maybe that’s the reason why such badluck has been following me.Right now, i need all the luck i can get so i put the bracelet on againthen, i continue with my packing. An hour later, my phone startsringing and when i see that itsSteven, i double check that i haveeverything I’ll need, then sneakout of the house. We are now at steven’s suite.Thankfully, i was able to sneakout without my parents notice. Iwrote a note telling them that i am eloping and left it on my bed forthem to find tomorrow morning. I don’t want to make them worrybut i have to do this for my babyand for myself. Steven takes my suitcase inside tohis room and that’s when i realise that we will probably have tosleep in the same room tonight. Isit awkwardly on the sofa and waitfor him. He comes out minute laterwith his jacket and tie gone and hissleeves rolled to his elbow, showcasing muscular fore arms.He looks so good i could eat him.Wait, where did that thought comefrom?. I shake my head at mythinking. He looks so casual right now and idon’t think i have seen him in anything other than his suitsexcept that night that brought us together. The suits fits himperfectly but kindof make himseem distant. Right now he lookscomfortable and approachable. “i have good news and bad news,which do you want to hearfirst?”he says as soon as he sits on thesame sofa that i am seated. Hisknees brush my legs and i gulp downair. He looks at me with raisedeyebrows and i clear my suddenly parchedthroat. “sorry, wha-t were you saying?” iask him and he smiles like heknows how much he affects me. “i said i havegoodnews andbadnews. Which do you want tohear first?” “oh, the badnews” “ok. I did some research andfound out that we cant getmarried in Paris immediately. It would taketoo long because they have alotof legalities for foreigners” oh. I cantwait “oh,what’s the goodnews?” “i have a better idea. We shouldstill go to Paris and have a fake wedding. We will dress the partthen take pictures and send to the media herein Nigeria. This wayyour parents would think we are married and when they give theirconsent, we would get marriedthe proper way here in Nigeria”hesays “why do you have to come upwith all the good plans?. I shouldhave thought of that” i say and helaughs. A full belly laugh withthinking eyes. His laugh is doing crazything to my heart. Right now, he doesn’t look like a businesstycoon that i cant reach. He looksso care-free and the fact that i had ahand in it makes me swell with pride. “i cant help it love, i am an evilgenius”he says after he stops laughing and grin at meshowcasing the dimple on his leftcheek. I really wish i could lick that d--ntempting dimple. I shake my head again at myx-rated thoughts.What is happening to me? ‘Stevenis happening to you’my inner mindsays and i laugh. “what’s funny now?” he asksme “oh nothing. When do we leave?” “three days from now. I just needsome of your documents” “wow, that’s fast. I thought it tookweeks or even months” “with money, everything ispossible, love” he says. Wow!.That’s the second time he’s calling me love.What’s the reason for his warm attitude towards me?. Maybe he isjust acting. But we are alone sowho is he acting for?. Well, i don’t care.I love how it makes me feel. Awkward silence descend uponus after awhile. I wonder whatour sleeping arrangement would betonight. Steven clears his throatthen grab the remote and start channelsurfing.He stops at mbc2 and myeyes bulge when i see the kiss scenethey are on.AWKWARD!. Stevenquickly change the channel and Nat geowild comes on showing twomonkeys mating. I start coughing andstand up as i run away from thesitting room. “am off to bed!”i say and i hearhim stifling his laughter. I turn and toss in bedfor an hourthen i hear the door open,i close my eyes and pretend to be asleep.I feel Steven get into bed with me. He drags me to him with my backto his chest and we fall asleep like this..

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