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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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i wake up the next morning still in
steven’s arms.His left hand is on my waist and my head is now on
his firm chest. He’s so warm. I
press my cheek to his hard chest and
sigh contentedly. Last night, i slept like a baby. Who knew someone
so hard would be so comfortable.

He looks so young and care-free as
he seems. His features are relaxed making him look super
handsome. I use this opportunity
that he is asleep to admire his features. His
chisel jaw, his small-ish nose, his eye lashes. Wow, his eyelashes
are longer than mine. Its that kind that girl’s would give for. My eyes
move to his perfect lips. Lips that has been on me several times.

Oh the man can kiss. I don’t have many experience but i know a
good kissed when i kiss one. ‘He
must have alot of experience with
other ladies’ my subconscious
tells me and i shut down that thought. The
thought of Steven with other
women just makes me red with jealousy.

Wow, now i am even being
possessive. What is Steven doing to me?.I use
my finger and trace his bottom lip. He mumbles in his sleep and i
freeze. Okay, i have to get up and
cook breakfast. Five more minutes
won’t hurt. Get up lazy bones you
have to cook for your man, i chastise
myself. I reluctantly drag my body
out of bed. Steven groans in his sleep
and his hand moves on the bed as
if searching for me. I stand silently
so he wouldn’t wake up. Its still too early. Wait a minute, i look
down at my self. Why am i in my nightie? I don’t remember putting

it on last night. No no no. Steven must have undressed me. I am
normally a light sleeper. How
come i didn’t wake up?. I shake my head
at my self then tip toe to the sitting room. I search the mini-
fridge and i don’t find anything i
can cook with. He must survive only
on the home’s food. I go back
into the room and throw some clothes on.

I have to go to the market and purchase some things i’ll need. I
hurry through the mall beside the hotel and purchase everything i
need. I have to hurry before
Steven wakes up. I am rushing out of the
elevator when i barge into a hard body. My purchases scatter
everywhere. “am so sorry” i say and bend to
gather my pack of groceries. The stranger bends too and helps me. “thank you” i say and stretch my
hands to retrieve my things from
him but he doesn’t give them to me. “let me help you. The bag is torn
so, you cant carry all this on your own and it seems i am going your
he says and smiles at me
and a cold shiver runs through my
spine. I don’t know why but the
air just freeze over as soon as i look into
his eyes. This guy just gives me the chills. Its not that he’s ugly.

No, actually he is very goodlooking but there’s something cold about how he
smiles. I wave my hand at him to indicate that i don’t want to bother him and his eyes fix on engagement ring. I snap
my hand down and his eyes
narrow. “come on. Let’s get your groceries off the floor” i just want to get this over and done with so i just
nod and allow him help me. We
pick the groceries we can savour then
we walk towards steven’s room.

As soon as we get to the door, i
stretch my hand to relieve him of
my things but he shakes his head and
motion for me to open the door. I
am about to say something when the
door bursts open and Steven
comes out. “oh my God antonia, where have you been? You got me worried. I
thought you changed your mind and left
he says as he hugs me and
the groceries i am holding. Wow, i
never knew he cared this much. “i am sorry, i just rushed out to get
some groceries. I would have been here sooner but my grocery
bag tore up and i had to gather
them from the floor.Thankfully this man
helped me”
i say, pointing to the stranger and that’s when Steven
notices him. The stranger grins crookedly at Steven and his
breath hitch.Steven drags me
behind him. “get inside toni”he grinds out.

Okay, what’s going on, i wonder. I
am being shoved inside by Steven
when the man speaks. “hey brother, you don’t have to
hide her from me”
i hear him say
and Steven stiffen and stop but
doesn’t look at him.Brother?. “is this Jane’s replacement?. Wow
brother you are fast. How long as
it been since you broke up with
your fiance?.Two weeks? Three?.

I must say, this one is really stunning
though but why did you have to
give her jane’s ring?”
i gasp at this
information and i start to slow
walk away from Steven.what? He had a
fiance?. A tear falls down my eye
and Steven groans.Steven who has
been silent snaps and rushes to
his brother and seize his collar. His
brother doesn’t seem fazed by
this . No, he is actually smiling. “go ahead brother, show her how
violent you can be”
he says.
Steven raises his fist to punch him. “stop!”i scream.Steven who’s
seething in anger turns to me and
i shake my head for him to stop. He seems
to be calming down but his face
goes pale as i slump on the ground.He
leaves his brother and rushes to
me. “baby are you okay?.Please let me
i cover my mouth with
my hand as a wave of nausea hits me
and i dash into the suite with
steven behind me..


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