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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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“antonia!” i yell and run inside my suite. I don’t forget to slam the door on James’ face before i
continue my chase. I expect to
find antonia in the room packing her
belongings but i see her sitting on the toilet floor with her face in the
toilet. I rush to her side and help her arrange her hair to her
side to avoid its falling into the toilet. Her body shakes with
violent heave and i pat her back. “go away” antonia says into the
toilet as she tries to bat me away. “I’m sorry” i mumble and she
turns to face me. “you should have tol–” her
sentence is caught short as
another violent heave rakes through her
and she throw up on me. Gah!. “oh my G–” my own sentence is
caught off as i dry heave. I shrug antonia off the toilet sit and puke
my guts out. Why am i vomiting too? I never felt nausea even
when my mother used to vomit
and sometimes excrete on her body.

This is bizarre. My stomach settles
and i sag on the toilet seat. I feel
antonia’s head rest on my back
and i stay still. ” i am sorry, i should have told you about Jane. She’s no longer important so i didn’t think to
mention her to you”
i say without turning to face her. “its fine. I am just your pretend
fiance. You don’t need to explain yourself to me” “ofcourse i do. Because i –”
i want
to tell her i love her but the words hang in my throat. “because you what?” she asks and i quickly change the subject

of discussion. “you must be hungry after all this”
i say “am not” “well i am, let’s get out of here” i
say and stand up then look down at her when she makes no move
to stand up. “well?” i say raising my eyebrows
at her. “i cant feel my legs. Just go, I’ll be out when my blood starts flowing normally” she says but i
don’t leave her. I bend and carry
her up from the floor. “you don’t have to carry me” she
says but she stays perfectly still in
my arms. “okay” i say and pretend to want to drop her. She yelps and hook
her hands around my neck and bury
her face in my neck. I laugh then
carry her to my bedroom after flushing
the toilet. When i get to the foot of the bed, i tap her to indicate for
her to let go of my neck. She reluctantly lets go then i hear her
sniff my neck. “did you just sniff me?” i ask incredulously. I expect her to
deny it but she just grins at me and my
heart beat accelerates. She’s so beautiful. “you smell sooo good” she
drawls and i look at her like she’s
grown horns. She just blushes and i have
this intense need to kiss her but i stop myself. I don’t want to go too
fast. I still don’t know her intentions. We look at each other
for a while and when i see her
eyes go to my lips, i clear my throat. She
blushes again and i groan inwardly. She just radiates
innocence. “you have to let me down now”
she says and i drop her on the
bed. “so what should i order for you
from the kitchen downstairs”
i ask
her “i am not really hungry” she says
then her stomach growls and i
burst into laughter. “this is so mortifying” she says
and i stop laughing to see her
eyes brim with tears. “oh baby, what’s up. Why the tears?” “you’re laughing at me” she sobs,
crying more. She’s like a hormonal pregnant woman, switching
moods in seconds. “sorry love. Hush now” i say as i
sit on the bed beside her and rub her back. After a while, she wipes
her tears with her hand then cup
my right hand in her hands. I look at
our entwined hands then look at
her eyes. “i want garden eggs and
she says “you need to eat some
substantial. You must be very
hungry” “but i want garden eggs”
sobs out again. Chai, what kind of tantrums is this woman
throwing?. Where do i find garden
eggs in this neighborhood. Would the mall
have some?. “okay, I’m going. Stop with the tears” “thanks” she says and hug me tightly. After squeezing the air out
of me she finally release me and
gives me a big smile. Okay, this
smile is totally worth the troubles. I
leave her lying on the bed after i dress up in readiness for my
garden eggs hunt. An hour later, after searching for
garden eggs without success, i walk dejected back to my suite
with a bottle of groundnut clutch
in my hand. I hope i can pacify her with
this. I am almost at the hotel when i see a man walking towards me.
He’s carrying a polythene bag
which looks like it contains garden eggs.
I hope its garden egg. Maybe he would agree to sell to me or he
may be able to direct me to where
i can buy. I walk to him with my
fingers crossed. “excuse me sir, is that garden egg you’re carrying?” “yea, is there is a problem?” he
asks “no sir but there will be if i don’t
get garden eggs for my fiance. She was even crying when i left
her to buy some.” “oh i understand. My wife was
also the one who sent me. It
seems your wife’s pregnancy cravings is
similar to my wife’s”
he says
laughing. “it is?” “yea son. Don’t worry I’ll give you
a few of the ones i bought for free. But make sure you stock up
on garden eggs if you don’t want
her to wake you up in the middle of
the night”
he says and i don’t
bother to correct him about antonia not
being pregnant. If he’s going to solve my problem, i don’t mind
any misconceptions on his part.

He gives me some garden egg and i
thank him. I rush back to my suite to avoid
more crying and everywhere is
quiet. I call for antonia and when there’s
no reply, i panick. I drop my purchases on the glass table then
dash to check the room and i see antonia sleeping peacefully. I
check my watch and see that its
just quarter to 10. I watch her for a
while before i wake her up. When
she wakes up, she says she already
ate as she ordered food from the reception. I shake my head at her
and she smiles at me. Apparently, she doesn’t need the garden eggs
anymore. What a day!

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