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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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I cant believe i cried just because
Steven was laughing at me and again, because of food. What must
he think of me now. My mission is supposed to be to get him to love
me but i think i almost chased him away. When he left for a long time
to get me garden egg, i though
he’s left me. Thank God he came back.
While he was gone, there was a
text from his brother. Steven had left
his phone on the bedside table
and when it kept ringing, i checked to
see ‘James’. Not knowing who
James was, i left it but when i heard a
message alert i checked again and
it was James. When i saw the
highlight of the message, i
couldn’t stop myself. I opened it. Wow brother, you’ll go to great
lengths to win me. Btw, Does she
know about your plans or should i tell
her? That message was on my mind for
a while until my dad started
calling. I paced the room thinking of if i
should answer the call or not. He calls for about 6 times before he
sends a message. Come home sweedy. Lets talk this
out. As a daddy’s girl, i already miss
my father but i have to Steel
myself for this. After waiting for Steven
for awhile, i order food from the reception then fall asleep after
eating. I am woken up by Steven
who’s bought the garden eggs i was
craving hours ago. Well, i don’t
want it anymore. I check the wall clock
and i see that’s it almost ten and i know Steven hasn’t eaten. I need
to redeem myself after all i have taken him through today. “am sorry for taking you through

so much today, Steven. I was just craving garden eggs so much, i
couldn’t help it” “craving?”
he asks and look at me
thoughtfully. “yea. Anyways let me cook for
you” “don’t bother your self, I’ll just
order from downstairs” “its past breakfast time. There may
not be any food left and i want to cook for you. So just let
i ask and pout my lips
at him “alright. I agree before you start
crying like a pregnant woman”
he says and his eyes go to my
stomach for a second. I place my
hand on my still flat tummy. “i am not pregnant!” “i didn’t say you are. I only said
you cry like a pregnant woman” “ok, whatever. I’m off to the
i say and dash off. This
talks of pregnancy isn’t good for my
nerves. He is not supposed to
know yet. I still don’t know what his
reaction would be if he finds out. I
think he is beginning to warm up to me
though. I enter the kitchen which is like
every chef’s dream with all the machines and stuff and prep
everything I’ll need for a fast
brunch. I lift my head from my task when i
see Steven walk in. “need help?” he asks and props
himself on the high stool by the
counter. “how good are you at cutting?” i
ask with a smirk. I expect him to
say ‘no good’ but he gets off the stool
and goes to the cupboard to retrieve a knife. He flips the knife
in the air and catches it with a flair then walk to my side. “I’m super good. What should i cut?” he asks me. After picking my
jaws from the ground, i assign him to
tomatoes and pepper slicing
duties. I’m making fried plantain and
eggsauce.As i fry the plantain, i
watch Steven dice the tomatoes and
pepper with a chef’s precision. “wow, where did you learn that?

It took me a year to be that
l ask him. “i developed a crush on cooking
while taking care of my mom
when i was younger”
he says grinning at me. “you cooked for your mother?
Wow, that’s so sweet” “well she was sick so i had to”
says and i see sadness in his eyes. “was?. Is she okay now?. I’ll love
to meet her”
i say. “well, you cant” he says and my
face falls “i understand. Who would want
his fake fiance to meet his
i say “that’s not what i meant. I mean-”
he says, rubbing his forehead and
i cut him off. “oh, the plantain needs my
attention now”
i say with fake
cheerfulness and hurry to the frying pan. I flip
the plantains as i close my eyes to hold my tears at bay. “ow!” i scream as the hot
groundnut spray on me. Steven is
by my side in seconds and he drags me to the
sink immediately. He turns on the tap and places my hand under. He
lifts my hand up again and brings
it to his lips as he blows on my
fingers. “i am okay” i say and try to
retrieve my hand but he doesn’t
let go. I look at him and see that his eyes
are fixed on my bracelet. Does he think its weird?. I know it looks a
bit old. I use my other hand to cover the bracelet and his eyes
goes to mine. “what’s this?” he asks, pointing to
my wrist. “its my lucky charm”i say and i
feel him stiffen. “i know its old and weird but it
was kindof a gift”
i say and
retrieve my hand. “a gift from who?” he asks. I don’t
want to tell him, i got it from a strange boy eight years ago. That
would make me seem weird. “a guy i met somewhere” i say “by
the way, your brother kept
calling. You should go call him back. I’ll
take care of the rest cooking”
i continue just to change the

“I don’t need to call him back.

And he’s not my brother, he’s just
my father’s son”
he says and i crease
my forehead. Well, atleast i diverted his attention from my
bracelet. We don’t talk for the rest
of the time we cook. After cooking, i
set the table for two. “i thought you said you’ve eaten?”he asks “well, i am a little hungry now”i
say and move to the fridge to get water. As i open it, the smell of the
meat i bought this morning hits my nose and i feel my belly turn.

Not again. “um excuse me” i say and dash to
the toilet to gag. I come back to
see Steven has finished setting the
table for me. “you should go for a check-up”he
says “i don’t need a check-up, i am
i say “then what’s with the vomiting?” “um. Its the flu. I’ll be fine” i say
and sit on a chair. “i love eggs” i mumble as i shove
a spoonful in my mouth. This food needs more seasoning but i stay
put. “wow, this is delicious” Steven
says as he swallows down the
whole meal and i blush. The rest of the
day is taken up by packing as we
are leaving for Paris tomorrow. We
ordered pizza which we eat as we
pack. By the time we are done, its
already 10pm and we crawl to
bed together and without thinking, we spoon.

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