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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Cynthia groans as her ringing
phone wakes her up. She stretch
her hands to the night stand and
hit ignore. The phone stops
ringing and she sigh contentedly as she burrow into her pillow. The
phone starts ringing again and
she reluctantly sit up, cursing
whoever is on the other end of
the line.

she grumble. “why are you so useless?. You cant even answer your phone.” all
thought of sleep fly out of
cynthia’s head as soon as she
hears the cold voice.

“i was sleeping. Isn’t it too early to be awake”

“why didn’t you tell me about
your friend’s new engagement”

the voice asks

“what new engagement?

“you see your stupidity. Isn’t she supposed to be your best friend?”

“yes but i don’t feel right about all
this Amy more. Why cant we just
get married. I don’t need money, i
need you”

“well, i need money and i cant get it until i get that land from antonia
so if you don’t want to end up like
your friend kacy, you will pack
your bags and be at the airport in

“but where are we going?” “we are going to Paris, baby”
says and the line goes dead.



The sun coming through the
blinds wakes me up and i raise my
hand to shield my eyes. Antonia
m0ans beside me and move closer to me. Being here with her
is like heaven to me but we have
to get ready for our flight to lagos
where we take another flight to

Paris. This would be fun. I already
have our five-days trip planned and by the end, i would propose
to her for real. I can feel that she
wants me too. After seeing my
bracelet on her hand yesterday, i
called my private investigator and
asked him to get hospital records of antonia for me. I need to know
if she’s the one. My soulmate. I
have thought of that teenage girl
who risked her life for my mother.

And if it turns out that antonia is
her, i would be so happy. The bracelet is just too identical for it
to be a coincidence. Its even tied
at the same place i tied it eight
years ago when it broke. If it
turns out she isn’t the girl i have
been looking for, it still wouldn’t matter. I love her and that’s what
matters. My private investigator
also informed me of the fact that
apart from kacy, the dead fiance,
antonia hasn’t dated any other
guy. According to him, she’s a conservative girl who doesn’t
even attend parties. This news
elated my heart. It means antonia
isn’t a gold-digger. I just wonder
why she got drunk if she really is
conservative. Okay enough reminiscing. I have to wake

i whisper and tap her
shoulders but she just mumbled
something sleepily.

“wake up love”
i whisper in her ears but she still doesn’t wake up.

I drag away my arm that’s under
her head and she follows the
hand. This is hilarious. She is such
a deep sleeper. Antonia is
currently lying on her back with her legs slayed wide. I bring my
face closer to her and i hear her
sigh my name. This makes my
heart leap. She must be dreaming
about me and by the expression
on her face, its definitely a good dream. She sighs my name And
her lips poker up as if in a kiss.

Wait a minute, is she dreaming
about me, kissing, her?. Her
pokered lips moves as if
searching for my lips. I look at her face to make sure she’s still asleep
then i bring my lips closer to hers.

I am about to kiss her when my
phone starts screaming ‘its time to
wake up, the time is 6:30am”. The
noise wakes antonia and her eyes pop open with me still above her,
our lips almost touching. She
jumps off the bed too fast and our
head collide.

“ouch! What’s in that head of
yours? It feels like a big hammer just hit my head”
i say and pout

“That’s good. I hope it hurts more.
What were you trying to do you
she screeche at me.

“oh so i am the pervert? Atleast i wasn’t the one dreaming about
kissing an innocent victim”
i huff
and place my hands on my waist.

“what? You wish! That’s
preposterous. Thinking about
kissing you is just disgusting. I have endured it once and i don’t
want a repeat even in the dream”

she fire at me. Ok, ouch! That hurt
my ego.

“oh really?”
i stalk towards her
and she stands her ground. Brave girl. As soon as i get to her, i
snake my hand around her waist
and pull her tightly to me.

“so, you think this is disgusting?”
ask and she nod her pretty head
slowly while looking at my lips. Disgusting my foot!. I look at her
lips and she sU-Ck her bottom lip
into her mouth. I wish i could do
that for her. I use my finger to pull
her bottom lip out then i caress it.

Antonia gasp then she step on my foot hard.


“that’s what you get for thinking
of doing disgusting things”
says and she flicks at little tongue
at me. I run after her and we run around the house until antonia
slumps on the floor breathing real
hard. I laugh at her and tickle her
feet till she almost pee her pants.

An hour later and we are already
at osubi airport. We board after about ten minutes of waiting.we
sit side by side with me by the

“i am so nervous”
antonia says
beside me and i look at her to see
her sweating. “are you okay?”

“what if we crash?”

“calm down. We won’t”

“how are you sure?”

“well, i don’t know”.
The plane
starts moving and antonia shreaks.

“why don’t you have alcohol to
calm your nerves”

“i don’t drink”

“so you have never had alcohol in
your life?” “no”

“but i thought you said you were
drunk that night w-e, we did that”

“umm i think someone spiked my

“what? How? Have the person be caught? Where did it happen?”

“at the hotel. It was my birthday
and no, he hasn’t be caught”

“did you report this?”


“why the hell not!”
i scream. Why would someone want to drug her.

Something worse could have
happened to her. I have to find
the b-----d who did this.

“what’s done is done Steven. I
don’t want people to know about it.

“don’t worry. I’ll take care of it”

“what would you do?”

“your pretty mind wouldn’t want
to know”
i say and antonia goes
quiet. The rest of the flight was uneventful except during landing
when i had to sing for antonia to
get her to stop screaming. She
was too surprised at my singing. I
do have a nice voice. It always
calmed my mom when I sing and it does the same to Antonia. As
soon as we get to Lagos, we
board another plane to Paris and
again, I sing during take off and
landing. After we alight from the
plane, we are greeted by the people I hired to take us to a
bridal shop. We have to purchase
Antonia’s gown and my tuxedo

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