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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Oh my God. We are finally in Paris.
I thought the 15 hours flight was never going to end. The only plus
side of our flight was listening to Steven sing. It was just amazing.

As soon as we land, i see a group
of nigerian people with a card
saying ‘steven and company” on
it. Steven takes my hand and we walk to
them. “welcome sir, madam” one of
them says and shake our hands. “is everything ready?” Steven
asks. “yes sir, your hotel room has been
booked and you have an
appointment with the bridal shop’s manager by
4pm.” “okay good. We’ll just head to the
hotel for a nap.”
Steven says as we walk out of the airport. The
welcome party leaves us after
showing us the car they hired for us. Steven
opens my door and i slip in while grinning. “what’s the big smile for?” he
inquires “i can see the city of love is
already affecting you”
i tease him
and he laughs. “you should be grateful. Do you
know how many people want to
be in your shoes right now?”
he teases
me back “oh. Really?. Then forgive me for
being an ingrate” “you are forgiven madamoiselle”

he says then lift my hands and
brush my knuckles with his lips. I gasp
like a fish on land and he raises his head and wink at me. I blush
and cover my face with my head. I hear steven’s laughter before he
moves to his side of the car and start the engine. We drive for
about 20 minutes during which
my eyes are glued to the car window as i

watched the beautiful scenery
pass with open-mouthed awe. Steven
just remain silent beside me. He
has been like this ever since the call
from his father some minutes ago. “how can you not be fascinated
by this?”
i ask him as he comes to
open my door. “i am fascinated” “well it doesn’t show. You have
been quiet ever since you talked
to your father on the way here. Is
everything okay?” “yea, come on lets go in. I am
he says and give me a
small smile. “okay” i alight the car and we walk into the hotel(which is just
too beautiful to describe). Steven
guides me with his hands on the
small of my back, to the reception to get
our key card. His pinkie finger caress the top swell of my a-s and
i look up to see his eyes twinkling with mischief. I don’t stop him
though, i just place my hand on
the small of his back. He raises his eye
brow at me and i smile sweetly as i move my hand slowly to his left
a-s cheek and sq££ze. His eyes bulge and he gets into a coughing
fit while i giggle. A beautiful black woman walks to us in
concern. “are you okay monsieur?” she
has a French accent. “oh, I’m fine. Thank you” Steven
lifts his head up and smile at her and i hear her gasp. Why does my
man has that effect on women?. I watch as the woman’s face light
up as she extends her hand to
Steven. “I’m Beatrice, by the way”she says
not even paying me any attention. Since when did i become miss
invincible?. Steven is about to
shake her but i extend my hand instead. “hi, Beatrice, i am the wife” i say
and shake her hand firmly while smiling at her. I hear Steven laugh
behind me and i elbow hisib “we have an honey moon to get
to so, run along now, b---h”
i say
the ‘b---h’ silently but Steven hears
me. Beatrice slip her hand into purse and hand Steven her card. “call me when you want someone
she says and walk away
with her voluptuous a-s swinging like no
man’s business. “did she just imply that i am classless?” i start going after her
but Steven grabs my waist. “we just got here so please don’t
get us thrown in prison, love”
i remain still then pout. “wow!” Steven says laughing “what?” “she’s the bridal shop manager
we’re supposed to meet by 4”
answers “well, I’m not going” i huff and walk away. Steven collects our
key card and runs after me. He opens
the door and i storm to the first room i see and slump on the bed.

I hear steven’s footsteps
approaching but then i hear his phone ring. My
eyes goes heavy as i doze off. I open my eyes when i feel
someone kiss my hair. Steven is
lying behind me with his hand on my
stomach. I rest my head on his
shoulder and relax into him.. “good morning” he says into my
ear and i jump off the bed. “good morning?!. I slept for a full
day?. Why did you wake me?”
cry. “calm down baby. I am just
kidding. Its just 2:30pm. You were
sleeping like a log while snoring pigfully”

he says and i raise my eye brows
at him. “pigfully?”i ask and he laughs and
i shake my head at him. My
stomach growls and we both laugh. “even after the food you
consumed on the plane, you are
hungry again. Its like you’re eating for someone
else too”
he tease and i laugh at the truth of his words. “well go take a shower so we can
go find something to eat before
we go to the bridal shop. We need to get
ready for the wedding tomorrow” “alright”
some minutes later, we’re on the
street of Paris, holding hands
while we purchase street food from
vendors. Steven looks awkward
in these little stores but he seems to be
enduring for me. “come on, taste it” i whine at him.

I have been trying to get him to eat a delicious treat on the street
but he won’t bulge. “it could be infected with germs”
he says and i laugh at him. “whatever, your loss.”i say and
stick my tongue out at him. “Votre femme est belle(your wife
is beautiful)”
the vendor says. “oui, elle est la plus belle femme
Que je connaisse. Et je Jaime tellement”
Steven replies and
smile at me. “okay, what did you just tell her?”i
ask him “she said you have a big appetite
and i said she has no idea seeing
as you cried just because of food the
previous day”
he laughs and i
glare at him. “you told her that?!” he continues laughing and i storm off angrily. My anger increases when we get
to the bridal shop and i see miss Beatrice. She fawns around Steven
but when Steven sees my
expression he shuts her down. “can you please do your job and
get my bride a gown as beautiful
as she is?”
he says and i smile. We
spend two hours there before i
find a perfect gown. Its simple and
beautiful. The gown is packaged
for me and i hide it from Steven.

Steven pouts but let it go. as soon as we get home, we crawl into bed
together too tired.
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