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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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okay, this is totally weird. I cant
believe this cute little gold digger is actually pastor
solomon’s daughter. Well, it has
always been said that the pastor’s children are
usually the worst. Her family is so nice. Having breakfast together
and chatting amicably is not something that happens in my
family. We hardly eat together and
when we do, its a business dinner or
something. I interact with them
and i cant help but feel welcome, which
is the complete opposite of what i feel when i am with my family.

Ever since i was given to my father after the accident eight years ago
when my mother was locked up
in a psychiatric hospital, i have never
felt at home, anywhere. I have never felt loved by My father who
is a tough man who doesn’t show affection. His wife hates me,
probably because i am the
product of her husband’s first marriage and so
does her son, James. I am on
speaking terms with her two daughters but
they are both married now so that sums up my family. Sitting here
with Antonia’s mother fussing
around me almost brings tears to my eyes.

I miss having a mother. I wonder what hospital, my dad is hiding
my mother. No matter the fondness i feel for
antonia’s family, i still need their land. That land automatically
makes me lord over my dad’s empire, giving me the power to
free my mother and i have gotten
the perfect plan to get it. From the
conversation i am hearing,
antonia’s mother doesn’t like her fiance.

He’s probably the guy i punched yesterday. I cant believe he
walked away even when he saw
his fiance running away and another
pursuing her. Well, this gives me
the opportunity to engage my plan.

Thankfully, pastor Solomon has
never seen me. He has never agreed to
meet with me and now, it will play
to my advantage. Antonia and her
mother’s argument gets heated
and i clear my throat to interrupt them. “excuse me ma’am but i have a
meeting in an hour and i have to
talk to antonia before i leave. Do you
mind if we go out to the eatery
across the street to talk?” i ask “yes!” “no” antonia and her mother
answer at the same time. “you can take her, my son” Mrs
Solomon says then give her
daughter a hard look. “stop being rude to your boss
and hear him out. Its about work
right?” her dad says “ofcourse dad. What else could it
be about?”antonia asks
defensively. Her reactions is going to make
them suspect something is up. I
am sure they don’t know about their
daughter’s immorality. “i just need her to say yes to an
important request of mine” i say “oh, she’ll say yes” Mrs Solomon
puts in and i laugh. Antonia just narrow her eyes at me. “let’s go?” i say and stretch my
hand toward her for her to take
but she just drop the plates she was
carrying and walk ahead of me. “make sure you say yes darling!”
her mother calls from behind us. I smirk to myself. She may be
joking but what she doesn’t
know is that her joke isn’t far from the truth. Antonia and i walk in silence until
we reach the eatery where we sit at a table at the back. I watch
antonia for a while thinking of a
way to go about this. I hear the
eatery’s door open and close,
then i notice antonia’s eyes go wide. I
turn towards the door and see a
guy and a very pregnant lady walk to
a table. The guy is very attentive to the lady as he helps her sit and
kiss her cheeks lovingly. Why is antonia so fixated on them, i
wonder. The guy walks around to
the chair opposite his pregnant wife
or girlfriend and now that he is sitting, i see his face fully. This is
the same guy that was with antonia yesterday. Oh no. If he is
her fiance then this is bad. The guy and his pregnant companion
doesn’t notice us due to where
we are seated. I turn to look back at
antonia and notice her eyes are
shiny with unshed tears. As soon as she
sees me looking at her, she sniff back her tears and smile at me but
i am not fooled because antonia wouldn’t normally smile at me.

She is just trying to mask her pain from me. I go to say something, i
don’t even know what but i stop
when the waiter brings us two glasses
of water and the menu. Antonia
thank the waiter and pick her glass of
water. “What do you want from me?” she
asks as she tip the glass to her mouth. Well, if she doesn’t want to
beat around the bush, i wouldn’t either. I look straight into her
beautiful eyes. Okay, stop. Where
did that come from?. I just need her
for her land and she probably
needs me for money so no more
thinking of how beautiful her
eyes are. I shake my head to clear my
jumbled thought. “i want you to marry me” i drop
the bomb and watch as antonia
spit out the water she was drinking all
over my face.

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