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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 8
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“wh–at?!. You’re kidding right?.
Am i on candid camera?. Is this a prank?” i sputter out as soon as i
wipe the water that landed on my chin. There’s water on my boss’
face but i ignore the funny sight. I am still reeling from the fact that
my fiance is sitting just few feets from me with a pregnant
woman. I have been trying to
convince myself that there is a perfect
explanation for it. She may
possibly be his sister but i don’t remember
kacy, mentioning any sister. My
head is just about to explode with
these conflicting thoughts and
now my boss’ has dropped a bigger
bomb. I would have walked out
of this place but i don’t want kacy to see me.
Confronting him in public is too embarrassing. I look around for a
way of escape. “you don’t have to be too happy
about it. Just say yes so we can
start the preparation” my boss says
and i stop my searching and look straight at him. “are you serious? Like serious,
serious?” “i am dead serious. I have been
looking for a wife and now i
choose you” i cant help it and i laugh. A
full belly laugh. Who is this clown? “for your information, Mr–” “Steven” he says and i laugh “don’t you see the absurdity of
your words?. Are you sure you
are not drunk or something. I didn’t even
know your name and you expect
me to say yes?.” “isn’t this what you want?. Money
and fame?. I’ll give you al that. Just say yes”what is he saying? “let’s say i believe you. So why

me?. Why did you choose me?.

You don’t expect me to believe that
you magically fell in love with me within the few minutes it took us
to get here.” “ofcourse i am not in love with
you. This will be purely business.
We stay married for a year or two
then we divorce and i compensate
you with the sum of 10million
naira.”he says this grinning,
probably thinking that the money would
persuade me. Not in this life!. I see kacy leave with the pregnant
woman and i sigh in relief. Now, i
can leave this clown. I stand up from
my chair and smirk at him. “For your information, even if
you’re the last man on this earth,
I’ll just become a nun.” i say and i
hear him scoff as i walk out on
him. As soon as i open the eatery’s
door, cameras flash on my face. I raise my hand to shield my eyes.

What’s going on?. “someone just tipped us that our
most eligible bachelor is here with his fiance. Are you the one?” one
reporter shout at me. “how long have you guys been
dating?” another says “when is the wedding and
where?” “we just saw you guys having an
intimate breakfast. Give us
something. We have been looking for his
mystery woman.” i just stand
dumbfounded. The cameras keep flashing and i
think i am going blind with the
light. I want to move away from them
but it seems my legs are rooted to
the ground. My eyes p---k with tears
and i wonder what i am crying for. There’s just too much happening
to me right now. I’ve lost my virginity and my job in just few
weeks. The man i am going to be marrying few weeks from now
may have another woman. A
pregnant one for that matter. I didn’t cry after losing
my virginity and my job and it must be catching up with me now.

This is a nightmare. I am going to fall apart in front of the media. I
grab my head in frustration and scream. One of the reporters
shakes me and i feel myself falling
to the ground but i don’t fall. I feel
strong hands around me, holding
me up. I don’t open my eyes to see
who it is. I know its Steven. I wrap my legs around his hips and bury
my head in his neck. I can hear
the cameras flashing and the
reporters excited mumu but i
don’t let him go. His scent settles me. “take me out of here” i whisper
into his neck and he starts
moving, with me wrapped around him. “get away from her” i hear him
yell as he starts moving faster. I
hear him hail a cab. “you have to let go of me so we
can get into the cab” he whispers
to me. I hang unto him for a while
before i stand on my feet. My legs feel like jelly and he helps me into
the cab. About fifteen minutes later, i put myself together. “stop the cab” i say and the car
slows to a stop. I open the door
and wipe my eyes. “am sorry, antonia” Steven says
and holds my hand. “get your hands off me” i say and
remove my hand from his. “i hope this is the last time we
meet” i say as soon as i am out of the car. I close the door. I hear the
car roar away and my heart sinks which is ridiculous. He is nothing
but trouble. Just few encounters with him and i feel my heart
getting involved. Falling in love
with him wouldn’t end well. My parents
must be worried about me. Thank
God i retrieved my sim-card yesterday
after i got fired. I bring my phone out to call them and i notice a
message from an unknown
number. ‘stay away from kacy. he is my
husband. This is for your own
good.” oh no! bile rise in my throat and I
run into the bush and vomit

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