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Intoxicated romance  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Okay guys, someof you areconfused about the characters.Toni is antonia, the heroine of the story.Kacy is her fiance and Steven is the hero of this story. Narrator: angelica tap her feet nervously onthe ground. She look around the eatery where she told antonia tomeet her. No one seems to bewatching her. She pick the glass of water onthe table and the water splashes on her hand due to the tremor ofher hands. If she gets caughttalking to antonia, she’ll definitely be introuble. She look down at the phone in her hand. Its 11:31,thirty minutes past the timeantonia was supposed to be here. What couldbe keeping her?. Angelicathought out loud. Ten minutes later, antonia isstill absent and angelica’s nerves are closer to snapping point. Shenotice a man in black clothing observing her from across theeatery and that’s when she knewshe had to leave. She bring her phone outand type a message for antonia. Antonia, you have to be carefuland beware of your friend,Cynthia. I cant say much now but youshould know that my husbandwas hired to marry you so he could get your–‘she doesn’t finish her message as she’s grabbed from behind anddragged out of the desolateeatery. She screams but There’s no onearound except the creepy waiterwho has already been paid off. Angelica’sphone fall of her hand and herhalf finish message gets saved asdraft. Toni: After contemplating for an houron if i should meet with kacy’swife, i decide to go. I board a taxiwhich takes me to the secludedeatery is told me to meet her. I am aboutan hour late but i hope she’s still inside. The taxi drop me off infront of the eatery and i am aboutto go in when a state of nausea hitsme. I hurry to the nearest corner and puke my guts out. I thoughtthese vomiting was because ihave the flu but its been two weeks and ithasn’t stop. Infact, it has gotten worse. I was supposed to get myperiod last week but its still in nowhere land. The possibility ofme being pregnant is becomingmore of a reality. I need to buy somepregnancy tests, just to put mymind at ease. Ok, note to self; buy somepregnancy test kits on your wayback home. I wipe my sweaty browand my mouth then turn aroundwhen i hear a car. I see a pregnant womanbeing carried into the car. Thepregnant woman seem to be sleeping. Isn’tthat the woman with kacy at the eatery the other day?. I startwalking towards them to knowwhat’s up but then another wave of nauseahits me and i rush back to thecorner to vomit. I see the car drive awayin my peripheral vision. After wiping my mouth again, i decideto check inside the eatery to make sure kacy’swife is really gone.The eatery is completely emptywhen i walk in, except for a waiter. Iwonder why she was carried outof here. Well i don’t want anything todo with kacy anymore. Ourwedding is supposed to be two weeksfrom now but i still haven’t toldmy parents that he is a married man. Ijust don’t know where to start. I turn to leave the eatery and i Clashwith the waiter. My bag falls off my shoulder and all its contentsscatter everywhere. The waiter doesn’t even apologize. He justwalks away. Jerk! I mutter undermy breathe. I bend down and packeverything from the floor without looking at what i am packing. Myattention is just on the jerk of a waiter who just stare at me. Thisplace is starting to give me the chills so i pick up my bag andhurry out. I don’t find a taxiaround here so i walk for a little distancebefore i start seeing cars. I wonder why kacy’swifesuggested that we meet here. Ihaven’t even heard of this eatery before now. Ifnot for her good description, i probably wouldnt have been ableto find it. I quickly board a taxi. On my way home, i stop at a chemistand purchase six different brandsof pregnancy tests just to make surethere’s no mistake. As soon as iget home, i lock my self in the toilet,then pee on the sticks. During minute i wait, i pray silently that itshould be negative. I cannot be a single mother. I don’t even havea job right now and my parent’s name would be dragged to themud. Nothing good can come outof my being pregnant. Oh lord pls, don’tlet me be pregnant. I have gone through alot this month, i don’twant more tribulation. Its beenmore than a minute but i cant bringmyself to check. Ok be brave toni,you are probably not pregnant. I steelmyself and check the tests. All six of them indicate that i ampregnant. Oh no! I sit on the floorand sob. After about an hour of crying onthe toilet floor, i walk numbly to my room. I have to think of a wayto resolve this. Having an abortion is not an option. The only optionis to marry the father. I just hope that ridiculous deal of his stillstands. During our one year of a sham marriage, i will make surehe falls in love with me and ourbaby. I won’t let him know about mypregnancy yet. He probably won’tbelieve me. I’ll tell him after we getmarried and when i am sure thathe wants us. Yes, that what I’ll do. Iplace my hand on my still flat tummy. “don’t worry sweedy, mommywould make sure your daddyaccepts you” i search my bag for my phonethen take it out. My boss’ numberis probably in the hotel card. Isearch in my bag for the card andi find it,I also touch something like aphone and when i bring it out, its not mine. Its broken. I must havepicked it up from the eatery’s floor. The phonedoesn’t eventurn on. The owner must havethrown it away. I take the phone to thekitchen to dispose of it but mybrother takes it from me. He probablywants to use it for his many experiments. My brother is kindofcrazy about stuffs like this. As soon as my brother leave thekitchen, i dial Steven’s number. “hello” his deep voice says “will you marry me?” i ask and theline goes silent...Gbagam!! What do u think would be her reply?Drop ur comment now

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