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Isabella  - Season 1 - Episode 29
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“bros if you no tell me why you slap that boy today,we die here!!!”ekenna elucidated pulling off his shirt likewise the boys.

Running away from fight as always been my hobby but this current one,am not missing it for anything in the world.i watch steadily seating on the floor as ekenna and the boys rushed smokelife landing various punches and kick at him without a single breathing space. The urge to join them cos of the slap he gave to me was so strong but I rebuke it as I watch them pounding the hell out of smokelife by then my vision is already far clear unlike before.smokelife took to his heel running like a madman the moment he got the little opportunity to do that,he ran away from the bush speeding as fast as his legs could carr him leaving his matches Box And weed behind.I find myself smiling sheepishly to his stupidity with my mind full of joy and satisfaction.
“thanks guys,i really appreciate “I reciprocate there kind gesture and I stood up from the floor.

“mteew,you think say na because of you I come here?,I came here coz this idiot harass my babe last week “he replied.
“so lets assume he didn’t harass your girlfriend you wouldn’t have help me? ”
“you no get hand? “He asked rebuking my question with a question.

“but I can’t fight him alone na”i retorted.

“why you no join us when we were beating him? He asked again with a serious expression and I smiled without answering him.

I know ekennna,he always want me to step up and fight around just like his which I always refuse and it always cos quarrel between us so am not surprise of his outburst.

“na wetting make me kill person for China yesterday be that o, I was discussing a serious thing and he was busy laughing so I killed him “He boasted with a serious grin.

“eh killer!! “.one of the boy shouted and we all laugh.

“let’s go and continue our game joor “He added and they left heading back to the field.

“have you heard about the governor’s cup coming up next week? “He asked as we walk steadily taking a step at a time toward the field.

“yeah,and am looking forward to participate in it”i replied.

“almond secondary School is also among the league and you know what That mean “he retorted smiling slowly.

“Lolz, una no fit win that cup,just forget about it “I replied.

“we shall see na,shey The match go soon start”.

“as if una know how to play ball”i said in an incoherent whisper.

“what did you just say?”He asked.
“better o, I would have call smokelife to light you again seems like too much book don dey spoil your head”he retorted with a grin.

I bade ekenna goodbye and I left after discussing alot about the sport, school and Ofcus girls which is ekenna favorite topic. I told him about Mariam, adaeze and Anabel but I keep anything relating to Isabella from him for reasons best known to me and i went home wiping anything relating to smokelife from my body in other not to stir up my mom.

I entered our house and I saw my mom seating on a chair in the parlour with her hand place on her cheeks and I could see particles of tears steaming down her Face.

“mom, why are you crying?”i asked standing before her with the vegetables in my hand.

“mom please talk to me”i added.she wipe the tears of her Face and she face her gaze directly on me,as tears were already gathering on mine. One thing I hate most is seeing tears in my lovely mom’s eyes I hate it with passion.

“my son,becareful of who you associate with, some people are in your life just because of your glory and when it is gone,your worth is also gone in their life”.

“I don’t understand mom”.i replied and she forced out a smile on her face .

“you will soon son, you will understand soon “she said amidst smile.

“please don’t cry mom,i Promise to take care of you I love you so much “I retorted bursting down in tears and she put me in a tight hug.

“I love you more son”she replied and we cried together before we dissegaged the hug smiling sheepishly together for nothing. She collected the vegetables and she set to do her cooking while I went in,to ponder more on her words. I couldn’t just fathom why she said that but all I know is what she is keeping from me is really hurting her deeply and her words today is related to it.


I woke up the next day and I set to do my morning chores happily,i couldn’t just fathom if it was because of the match which was to start that day that make my joy to be filled like that or it was because am to see Isabella once again. I confirm she had feelings for me but am scared, scared of approaching her, scared of loosing her and scared of been rejected by her. My Mom left the house early in the morning to the fresh foodstuff market after cooking our breakfast of potatoes and egg which I ate in haste and I wore my uniform with my pair of beautiful blue shoe and I walk majestically like a president son to the school.funny enough I never thought about my friends or missed them at all throughout the weekend,who Will miss a cat fish when better fishes like whale are in the river?.Vincent really dissapointed me,i never expect such behavior from him and I know I can never do like that to him, i accepted him as a friend,a close pal and a brother but he really disappointed my expectations. I know what they are keeping from me is really important and crucial but since they decided not to tell me, I won’t Force them it ego or pride I don’t care I am a product of the street and I can survive in the street without friend’s rather than surrounding myself with people that don’t care about my feelings and curiosity.come to think of it,who really is Lilian and what does she mean by Who adeaze going to bet this time?.i heard her mentioned something like water,what does she really mean by that?.i recall I have never bother to dig deep into adaeze life,i know just a little or nothing about her.oh,what a bad friend I am.i made up my mind at that instant to know more about Lilian maybe I could know who adeaze really is from her cos I can sense something fishy and mysterious from there little conversation and expression or so I thought. I got to the school packing garage walking earnestly toward the gate and very deep into my thought.talking of the devil,I heard my name been pronounced softly with so much passion at the gate and I saw…….

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