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Isabella  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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My goods for the day got finished at isiama river Bank,many people were present there playing and making out in pairs.I stood at the river bank with my empty container in my head staring at the big wide river. The teaching of the history teacher was still playing in my head in repeat,i was thinking Hard on the possibility of the teaching been true,trying to scrutinise how the marmaids will be fairing in the water,how they looks like.i stood there for up to half an hour then I decided to go home using the rag which was provided for me by mama ikenna to cover my head from the radiating hotness of the crunching Sun.


I head home that day after delivering the container and the money to mama ikenna and she gave me my ten percent which is four hundred naira and I thank her for her immeasurably kindness. It could probably be past 5 pm when I got home cos the sun was getting diminish from the west orison.i got home and discovered that my mum was not yet back so I quickly hide the money under my pillow and I set out to the field close to our house to exercise my legs with football.

I got there and I saw some teens playing football and they started hailing my name when they notice my presence.

“wisdom the brain box “.

Ekenne my only friend in the Street that we usually play and read together hail my name. Ekenne is a student of my Alma mater my class mate and loyal friend he is always hot tempered and don’t take any nonsense from any body in respective of who the person is.he is a very strong boy and he can fight for everything and anything.

“Ekenne how far na”i greeted In the local street Language.

“brain box I dey o”he replied and we shaked hands together.

“so you finally don Land in that school “.he elucidated using the popular street slangs and I smile.

“how the School na”he asked not giving me a chance to reciprocate is first dialogue.

“school is fine o, infact over fine dey worry the school self “I retorted with a bright smile using English and the street Language at the same time.

“I dey see am for your body, see as you fresh like witch”.

Look at this idiot,how wish he knows that his friends Trek bare footed and was embarrassed solely today he won’t be here saying this trash. “I know say those fine rich girls go Don dey die for you already no f--k up for that school Like you did in our school o”he said and I nodded my head like I agree with him.i know Ekenne if I don’t stop him he can discuss about girls till the next day so I quickly interrupted the conversation.

“I wan Play football “I said and he became happy then he took me to his other team mate that were waiting for him when he was discussing with me.

“guys,this guys wan join our team we no first complete before ” he said and the team member with the opposite team agreed.

“what is the score?”.

“them dey win us two to nothing “.he reply and we quickly set in the Middle of the field. Ekenne pass the ball with another boy and we were set to go up passing it within our self in the Middle, he passed the ball to me and I dived at it running to the opposite goal post with all my speed.i dribble The opposite team midfielder, running skeptically when I saw the defender running toward me in a bid to attack me and I quickly switch and pass the ball to one of my Team member Who wanted to pass it to Ekenne but unfortunately one of the opposite member stop The ball on the way.ekenna ran and attack the boy collecting the ball from him when he was about to shot the Ball down,and he quietly passed it to me .i wanted to shoot The Ball at the goal keeper then I sense he is fully position so I passed it back to Ekenne then I ran to the left goal post and Ekenne quickly kicked The ball toward me and I gave it a head Bolt To the goal post.the coerce shouting of a goal Echo the field as my Team mate ran and raised me up shouting in joy.

The opposite team passed The ball and the game started again.few minute’s later we succeeded in leading them five goals to two all scored by me. I notice the opposite Team were targeting me so I started playing with caution.unfortu
nately for me a boy from the opposite team clear my two legs from the ground purposely when I wanted to score the sixth goal and I fell down on the Sandy ground.ekenne rushed toward me and assist me to stand up.

“you dey craze,why you clear am for ground “.he asked the boy who was not even remorseful of what he did.

“but he no injure na”.the boy retorted.

Yeah I did not injure but I feel he should have remorse and apologize to me.

“so your plan na to injure him ba?” Ekenne asked the boy moving toward him.the next scene that follow shock the living daylight out of me Ekenne give the Boy a head Bolt on his nose and he scream in pain with Blood hozzing down from his nose.the opposite team where in a bid to attack Ekenne but my team mate also rushed to the scene and a serious Fight of blows were been heard and seen as they fight solely,rolling on the Sandy soil and I quickly pick my slipper which were at the extreme of the field and I started going home.


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