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Isabella  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Teachers were trouping in and out of the Class One after the other,and teaching were commencing in full.i noticed Isabella have not return since she was called by the two prevent and I become worried thinking about sort punishment she must have been facing for insulting a teacher. Come to think of it Was that really an insult?,she actually Draft The Real fact behind the scene of the teaching or maybe she was too harsh voicing her opinion out. I Draft The note written on the board living some counted guess Space to filled the note that were written weeks before but my major problem is how to update the note.who Will agree to lend me his note now that it seems everyone hate me and feel am not Suppose to be in their mist?, who Will give his note to a bare footed boy who find himself by fate in prestigious kings academy a school for the rich.

I was still very deep in my thought staring at my Class mate searching for a Good way to approach and plead with any of them to lend me their notebook when I heard the bell which I scrutinise to be for break period and it drifted me from my thought as student started trouping out of the Class in numbers.i look through the window at the sun radiating from the east and I notice that the time could probably be 11 a.m.in not less than two minute the class was empty as they all went out leaving only me behind. The urge to go out was so strong on me but the embarrassment I Will Face stepping out bare footed made me to seat down.i later draft myself up the moment I realize they had already see me at the assembly that morning so there is nothing to hide anymore i quickly put my books in my desk,locked it with the padlock provided in it then I dip the open key in my pocket and I went out.


Students were filled in the school compound playing while some were walking and discussing with their friends,i stood at the partway to my class feeding my eyes with the beautiful environment in the school and I was marvel at what I was seeing and I Open my mouth agape, prestigious kings academy is really a school for the rich.i have held it countless times that a child sun his cloth were he can reach and I don’t think been counted among the students of this school is where my hands can reach. the school field alone can swift you off your feet it was fully design just Like a stadium with carpet grasses planted and designed in it.unlike other schools were students were made to stand on the crunching Sun just to watch sports , prestigious kings academy sport field is fully surrounded by spectators seat and a well designed roof s--t design with vitrified silver line zinc were placed on it,to prevent the sun from reaching the spectators.the sport ground is a little bit far from the school Main Building.it was separated from the school compound with some silver net and the field is massively Big.i saw a big wide swimming pool close to the field and I was stunned to know that the school also have a swimming ground for competitions.though I don’t like swimming,i have never swim before,i have always been scared of anything that as too do with water. I hawk in isiama river bank almost everyday,seeing people playing and swimming in the river but I have never been able to gather the courage to step on the water.,football is really my thing I have always been refer to as the god of the field when I was a kid but it has been very long i participate in the game and I don’t think I can be good in it again unlike before.maybe I should try it out now that am in a school with a massively big field unlike my former school were we have always been discourage from participating in anything that as to do with sport rather we were always elucidated to focus on our studies which is our only priority as a student according to them.

I stood transfixed at the spot feeding my eyes with the beautiful environment and students who did not even seem to notice me except a few who took a glance at me from distance laughing sheepishly.i took a quick glance at the principal office which was at the extreme end of the main school building and my eyes caught the shocking view that swept me off my feet,i saw……….


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