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Isabella  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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I saw uchenna standing close to me with his note stretching them forward to Isabella, I felt really bad I don’t know why I feel thatway, but it really hurt me. Isabella stare at him in a disdainful expression while he stood amicably pleading with her to accept them and Isabella slowly collected the Note from her which trigger a bright smile on uchenna face .the Next thing That follow shock the whole class,Isabella threw all the note out of the window and they scattered in our class corridor while uchenna stood with his mouth open ajar staring at Isabella with a shock expression.

“get out of my side you idiot”.

She fired and uchenna slowly went out to pick his Note while the class went into total uproar laughing and mocking uchenna and I felt bad for him.

“now give me your note”she commanded and I slowly handed my notes to her and she set down drafting the Note to her own.

Isabella completed the Note and she handed mine to me,i tried to gather the courage to ask for hers,but all effort to do that prove vertile,am always outspoken I don’t just fathom why am scared and ashame when it comes To things relating to Isabella.just then the free period passby and teachers started trouping in again.we became occupy with teaching till the closing bell was rang and I breath in relieve.i join the troup of students going home for the day,matching bare footed on the hot crunching Sun which trigger laughter in them but I did not care,my only sole aim is to get Home quick cos the worm in my stomach are already fighting mortal Kombat inside me. About 90 percent of the students were going home in cars while the remaining 10 percent including me were treking Home but non was bare footed and Bagless unlike me. I sighted Isabella entering the pink Lamborghini and I smile while the driver drove pass me in haste and I continue my 45 Minute walk alone without a Friend but foes.


I could not see my mum in her kiosk when I got home though, so I slowly enter our compound which was surrounded by a fence built by the owner just to surround his Land. I quickly raised the stone where My Mum always drop the key to the house and I saw a piece of paper with the Key under the Stone.yeah that is how my mom always left a message for me when she is going out.i glance at the note and find out That she had gone to the market to purchase some food stuff and my food is inside the house,i quickly slot the lock opener into the padlock and I entered the parlor. I pulled my uniform and I wash them drying them in the compound rope that was tied close to the fence then I enter our room to meet my favourite afternoon delicacy (garri, kuli kuli (German cake) and two cold pure water)arranged on the table and I quickly sat down devouring them like an hungry lion.i finish my meal in a Jiffy and I wore my blue short and a blue handless shirt to match and I wore my slippers which I left under the table in the morning.for those that are insisting on knowing the reason why am going to school bare footed,prestigious kings academy unlike my former school have there own set of bag and shoes with the school badge attached to them and they can only be purchase in the school.the amount for the shoe alone is fifteen thousand and the bag is twelve thousand.any other shoe and bag will be seized by the school prefects.I drafted a note to inform my mom of were I have gone to and I place Under the Stone along with the house key then I went out heading to my business of the day.


“wisdom the brain box”

A snack shop owner that I went to collect my some goods to hawk hail my name when I enter the shop.

“good evening ma”i greeted.
“evening my son, how is school today?.she replied.
“fine ma”

I never Believe a child like you can be counted as a student in that school,you are just so amazing,an icon that every student oat to follow”she praised me with a bright smile on her face.
“thank you Ma”i replied .
“keep it up my son, don’t be carried away with the fancy lifestyle of the students in that school,always remember that you are different and very soon they Will praise your name,the sky is not just your limit but your stepping stone “.
She advice and I thank her for her motivational words.
“how much snacks do you need today “.
She asked with a bright smile on her face.
“give me Two thousand naira own ma”.i replied and she went to arrange them on a transparent container.she gave them to me and bade me well ensuring me to sell good and i thanked her.

Mama ikenna is one of the people that loved and trust me beyond measure,she entrust Her goods to me without a single doubt cos she knows I always deliver and I have never give her any cause or reasons for alarm. This is my business,my small way of assisting my Mother in the survival race of life,i sold things for people and in return they Grant me ten percentage of the money.

“buy your sweet eggroll”
I shouted continuesly on the high street of ezenite.

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