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Isabella  - Season 2 - Episode 9
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Mr.okenwa blow the car horn and the gateman open the little hole on the gate smiling brightly when he noticed they were they one and he open the gate wide for the car to pass through which it did.they rushed down from the car even before Mr.okenwa killed the car engine especially Juliet who was staring around the whole compound searching for a Hint of wisdom as his car could be seen well parked at the spot it has been since the whole disasters started.
“where is wisdom and my daughter?”.mr.okenwa asked the gateman and the two guards who came to welcome them and they became surprised staring at there selves.

“wisdom??”.one of the guards asked in fluent oral pronunciation.

“no!.chinchon”.mr. okenwa retorted in a mimic Voice which procure impatience.

“where is wisdom??? And my daughter?!.he shouted at them again as juliet and Victoria stood filled with perplexity waiting for an answer from them.

“Sir!.we have not seen them since the last time they went out with their friends”one of the guards elucidated which brought juliet and Victoria gaze on Mr.okenwa,
“look,am not going crazy they told me they are here,he said i should bring your car and you too when am coming,that is what he told me”mr.okenwa said reassuring them of the exact words wisdom said to him .

“so where are they now?,as you can see the door is locked just the same way i left it yesterday.where are they?”juliet asked,.

“maybe they are inside”.isabella mom said for the first time and they both stare at her for some second’s.

“inside??”.Juliet asked again.

“if they are inside where did they pass into the house that the gateman nor the guards were able to see them in a well fence building?”.she asked and Isabella mom stare at her husband oblivion on what to reply.

“I am getting totally freaked out here!!. First you said my son was stabbed.then,the doctor pronounced him dead, and He later told Me that my son never got admitted into the hospital now you are telling me that someone that was earlier said to be dead is alive and he called you,i don’t…… “.she had not completed her words when they heard the sound of the door clinging open which got their gaze directed instantly on it,lo and behold, wisdom and Isabella walk out of the house smiling sheepishly with the door key dagling on WISDOm left hand.they all stood perplexed with fear visibly seen in Victoria and Mr. Okenwa eyes while Juliet was shocked seeing his son hale and healthy while the guards stare abruptly wondering how they enter the house.

“my son!!! “.Juliet exclaimed with her mouth open wide.

“yes mom!!”.wisdom replied.
“is this really you? “.

“yes sweet mom, am fully hearthy.are you gonna stand there blasting me with questions?”.he asked further and Juliet quickly run toward him putting him on a warm embrace to the surprise of Mr. Okenwa and his wife as she cry out in joy.
“I love you mom!”.
“I love you more son”.

“mom. Am I not going to get my own dose of warm embrace?”.Isabella complain in a childish tune and they quickly run and hug her too while the guards stood in bilwerdement wondering what was happening.

________________AS NARRATED BY WISDOM_____________

everything just turned around for my good,i know I have a hell of explanation to give which am very sure is gonna be blasted on me the moment we got in but right now something is wrong with me, I am hungry. Remember a hungry man is an angry man, I actually stay for almost two good days without food, isn’t that great and marvelous?, well you can call it marvelous but to me, if I don’t eat now nobody is going to rest in this house not even Isabella.

“now tell us wisdom,i am loosing my sanity,the doctor said you died”.my mom quickly said the moment we got in and sat down on the couches in the sitting room which Isabella parents quickly concured to.

“yes it is true,he is right”.i replied.
“he is right??, how come you are still alive now?”.

“mom.i am hungry,infact I and Isabella are hungry I don’t know about you guys but we really are”.i said and I throw a glance at Isabella which she quickly understand.

“just tell us first then we will get us something to eat”.mr. okenwa elucidated and we smiled.
“food first then we can talk”.i and Isabella pronounced instantly at the same time in a coincidence and we both la!d on the couch feigning to be sleeping and they stare at us for some minutes before they all heard into the kitchen to prepare food for us including Mr. Okenwa, Lolz.isabella quickly move to my couch and we started discussing and laughing so hard while our parents went to The kitchen to cook for us. I know some people will say we are getting on our parents nerves.for Christ sake, we are newly dating and we are suppose to celebrate it but we are unable to due to all the crises and disasters on ground, since we can’t do it, let our parents kindly do it for us. It is simply called change of subject formulae and division of labor.


We finished eating our food which consist of noodles and Isabella park the plates back to our be sincere,i wonder what Mr. Okenwa went to the kitchen to do when it is just ordinary noodles they were to prepare or maybe he actually ran away for the fear of staying alone in the sitting room with us, Lolz.

“now tell us”.my mom word echoed in my ear when I wanted to stand up and I quickly sat down immediately,by then Isabella had already joined us.

“it all happened like a dream to me until he told me I was really dead,he told me all I saw was real and I will be given a Second Chance to save the Human race”.i began and they stare at me curiously wondering what I was saying,i don’t blame them though.

“who did you say told you??”.my mom asked.
“the arch angel Micheal”.i replied.

_____________FLASHBACK ____________

As it in heaven.i find myself walking on a long road which seem endless on a White street, completely white including the trees and grasses. I walk tirelessly and lonely on the white beautiful street till I met a mighty White gate standing alone without any fence sorounding it. I became amazingly confused wondering what could be inside the gate and why a gate will just be alone then I decided to knock on the gate when I heard his beautiful Voice and I turned to the direction only to see a man with white wings standing erect with a sword holded famely in his hands.

“please don’t kill me”.i pleaded and a bright smile escape his lips.

“don’t be scared of death cos you are already dead”.he said in a very sweet voice.
” am I ??? “.i asked in shock.

“yes you are,the supreme one kept your heart beating when everyone thought you won’t make it then he decided to let it go so you could come here and get all the answers you need”.
“the Supreme one??,where am I?”.

“you are in the first heaven and that is the gate to the second heaven”.he said pointing to the mighty fenceless gate.

“she has accepted her darkness already and only you can stop her, the fate of the human race is in your hands”.

“when you say her, who are you referring to?,and who are you? “.i asked and he pointed his sword forward reveling a scene in the cloud which I easily recognised to be earth as it could be seen in total disaster being destroy by someone glowing and shouting on the top of her voice as lightening and thunder was emanating and sounding in rampant from her body. I was unable to deduced the person on Time due to the lightening but I later did after a thorough focus and I discovered it was her.

“what???,where is this happening sir?? “.
“that is the state of a part of the earth now, it is just a part for now as time goes on it will take over the whole human race and as for your first question,i am the arch angel Micheal”.

“but why her?”.i asked in. Bilwerdement partially oblivious of what he said last.

“because that is who she really is, the pain of your heart is too much for her to bear which is the reason why her darkness came into her and only you can stop her”.

“only me?,why me?, beside she Never told me about this, why me???”.i asked watching the scene again as I could see a building collapsing on a little girl which hurt me solemnly.

“stop this please,just find a way to stop it all”.i shouted in total frustration.

“the fate of the world is in your hand’s,only you can stop her, that is why you were created, beside everything the humans need is already with them.if she had told you would you have loved her?”.the angel asked and I scan through my head for an answer.

“I wouldn’t have loved her, I would have been scared of her”.i bluntly elucidated sharply and the angel smiled.

“what do you mean when you said it is what I was created for?. I asked and he pointed his sword again to reveal another scene which was inside the water and I saw a woman on a throne addressing her subject as they could all be seen in various beautiful tails. I watch kingly as a girl who I easily deduced to be her signifying her interest to come over to the human world which the queen agreed to after so many attempt to talk her out of it.

“the very day she agreed to come as a human was the day you were created. We created you for her, we always knows all this will happened but what we don’t know is the end of it,only the Supreme one does. Some forces are already on Earth to correct the wrongs done right from the beginning here in heaven and you are the mediator of it all”.he explained confusing the hell out of me.

“I don’t understand.what happened in the beginning?”.i asked.

“what happened in the beginning between Angelz is not for a human to have to go now and stop her, let your love lead,ensure it are all that matters to her,encourage her in protecting the past which was done long ago here in heaven”.

“I will. But I really wish all this could stop and lets us have our normal life back”.i retorted soberly.

“the power to stop all this is in her choice. Like I said before, all that the earth needed is already with them, the greater light is with them,combine her choice with the greater light and that which you wish will be yours”.he added filled with so much enthusiasm.

“how do I find this greater light?”.i asked him filled with perplexity.

“you are already in the Greater light, embrace it and connect it with her choice and all you wish for will be yours. Now your time here is up, go back to the earth and return her to herself,i will protect you from her darkness till she is calmed”.he elucidated bluntly and I find my spirit falling down to the earth into my body and I woke up only to see the nurses covering up my body.

__________BACK TO THE PRESENT____________________________________

Then I stood up In full confidence and I went out in haste inorder to stop her.

“Hmmmm, this is really marvelous”.mr. okenwa elucidated with a smile and his wife concured while my mom sat staring at me with confusion written on her expression.

“but what does he meant by her choice and the greater light? “.Isabella mom asked.

“I don’t know, I really wish I understand what he meant, he never explained that”.i replied bluntly.

“I am lost here, all I am hearing from your narration is the ‘her’, who is this ‘her’, don’t she have a name?,how can she be found?”.my mom asked and I stare at Isabella who suddenly rested her gaze on the floor in shame.

“it is Isabella”.i enunciated slowly.

“Isabella??, how come?,I mean how is that possible? “.my mom retorted staring at me with a shock espression.

“Juliet!!!”.mr. okenwa called aloud and my mom directed her gaze to him.

“now we are a Family,there is no need putting ourselfs in the dark,isabella my daughter is not a human”.mr. okenwa retorted and my mom sprang up in shock.

“what!!!……”.she. exclaimed aloud.

“if she not a human,what then is she???”.

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