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Movie Story: Jemeji - Season 1 - Episode 115
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Kingsley and Senami are back home.
She looks at the bruise on her elbow and says it's not that bad.

Kingsley helps her clean it with disinfectant.
He tells her that lasting damage has been done to Akweyon and Senami needs to stay away from her and her mental issues.

Senami says they both know that mental illness is more than walking around the streets eating trash; there are various root causes and manifestations.
Kingsley says Akweyon's manifested in
aggression against them.

He asks how she wants to help someone that doesn't even trust her.
Senami says she can get Akweyon to trust her.
He says mental health is not her area of speciality so she needs to get an expert.

Senami asks what he means.
He tells her to get Akweyon to a mental facility.
Senami says that's drastic.
He says she tried to burn 4 people alive in the clinic, including Senami; that is drastic.
Senami says Mausi brain-washed Akweyon and sent her to attack her.

Kingsley says he was also attacked.
Senami says maybe he did something to make the priestess angry too.
Inside the hut, Neza is laughing at Akweyon in her dress.
He says she looks funny without her raffia.
She doesn't seem to find it funny.

He says she just looks normal, not that she looks anything close to normal but she's special.
Her look unnerves him.
He says okay she looks beautiful except for the thing covering her mouth.

She touches the red bandanna.
He says he knows she can talk but doesn't know why she won't talk to him now that she no longer has her uniform on.

He laughs again.
Seyive returns and says Akweyon looks beautiful, like before.
She gives her food and tells her to take off her bandanna.

Akweyon holds on to it.
Doctor Jide is driving through the village.
He gets to the toll gate and meets some of the MAGA boys.
They stop him and hail him because of his new car.

Jide says he had a couple of deals that clicked.
They hail him some more and ask if he has anything for the boys.
He gives them some money.
They hail him even more and he's basking in it.
They open the gate for him and he drives on.
The 3rd in command, Tote and more of the boys come out and run into the bush.

Iya Francis is working on her farm.
Half-a-day grabs her from behind in a choke-hold and she struggles to break free.
The goons waylay Dr Jide as he drives through a lonely road.
They have masks on.

They order him out of his car and drag him out when he tries to plead.
They ask him for his wallet and he says it's in the car.
He is quaking with fear and crying like a baby.
They bring out a POS machine and tell him to use his card.
They order him to punch in his pin.
After the withdrawal is made, they check his phone for the bank alert so they can see his bank balance.

Tote shouts when he sees the bank balance.
He punches in another amount and orders Jide to insert his pin again
Jide obeys.
After they are done, they order him to lie face down in the bush and they drive off with the car.
At the shrine, Mausi completes the ritual with Peace.

Peace asks what will happen now.
Mausi tells her to change her clothes and return to the village.
She warns that the first person who greets her will pay the price.
Peace panics and says she wasn't told that before.
Mausi tells her to relax as what will be lost won't be as much as what she will gain.
Peace looks like she's about to cry.
In the hut, Seyive suggests they call Senami.
Neza says they don't need another incident so they should let Akweyon cool off.

Seyive says she can't take Akweyon home because her neighbours will recognise her red bandanna with the cowries.
Neza tells her to come tomorrow.
Seyive leaves.
Akweyon looks at Neza like she's furious.

Neza asks why's she's looking at him that's way.
He tries to guess different reasons why then he asks if it's because he saw her without her clothes.
He sits next to her and says he's sorry and he wasn't thinking straight; they wanted to take her away from him just like that.

She rests her head on his shoulder.
The goons return to their base to meet Half-a-day and Zosu.
Zosu asks where they have been.
Tote says they just went to the toll gate.
Zosu introduces Peter to Half-a-day.
Half-a-day says they will avenge his brother's death but they don't want him involved.

Peter says he won't be able to hold his head high if he's unable to avenge his brother's death.
Tote tells Half-a-day that Peter has proven himself at the toll gate.
Half-a-day says he has an assignment for Peter then, to deliver something at the market square.
Tote returns to the lodge to see Folake.
He waves the car keys in front of her.

She asks if they did it.
He says they took Jide's car and phone and they made a transfer from his account to the account number she gave them.
She checks her phone and sees the bank alert.
He tells her she can see the many zeros.
She hails him in excitement.

Peace is walking home through the bush.
Some school children run past her and she hides her face so they don't attempt to talk to her.
She sees Iya Oviyon approaching and she docks.
Iya starts looking for her.
Petunia sees her where she's hiding and drags her out of hiding, asking what she's up to.
Iya Oviyon asks Peace why she's hiding from her.
Petunia says she understands and it's obvious that Peace is dodging Iya Oviyon.

Iya asks Peace if Petunia said anything bad to her about her.
She says Petunia doesn't even know what people are saying about her in town.
Petunia tells her to watch her tongue.
She (Petuni) drags Peace along with her.
Akweyon looks at Neza and says 'That man.'
Neza is shocked.

She tries to say Kingsley but she struggles to pronounce his name.
Neza helps her say it.
In pidgin English she tells him that says she's not mad but Kingsley is a bad man and he killed Iya Minasu.

Late at night, Half-a-day's boys carry Iya Francis' body and dump her in the market square.
Doris sees their shadows and asks if anyone is there.
The boys run away.
She sees the body and screams.

Neza and Akweyon hear Mausi's bell ringing and coming towards the hut.
They freeze.
As Mausi gets closer, Akweyon picks up her raffia attire and runs out of the hut.
She runs past Mausi in the direction of the shrine.
Neza covers his head with a wrapper.
Mausi turns around and follows Akweyon.

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