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Letter To My Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 65
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The traditional wedding ceremony was about to take place.

The family of Mr Josh were there, ready and happy. While Joyce remained sad in her room shedding tears which she tried so hard to control. Mr Williams, in other hand examined the whole thing and became consanguinity over his family.

Miracle and Mrs Williams joined Joyce in the room when it was time for her to dance out. Meanwhile Nath, Agatha and Cynthia were on their way coming. While Brano, Emma and Mento were already under the canopy likewise others.

“Please, stop cryin”
Miracle told Joyce in the room.

“I’m not crying” she began to dry her tears. Even her mother felt for her but couldn’t do anything. “Let’s go, they are waiting for us” Joyce added.

“Not with this tears in your eyes my daughter”
Mrs Williams began.

“Just leav me alone, Mummy!”
Joyce shouted and walked out followed by them.

Outside, joyce came out with other girls shaking her body sluggishly according to the music. Her father stared at her remembering her very words the day she came back from Kindagan: YOU DON’T LOVE ME, DAD! YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR WEALTH..

Then he became sad too, just like her daughter.

However, Mento and his friends were smiling in traditional wears.

As Joyce sluggishly went to her father for the wine to be given to her according to tradition, Nath’s car drove in with Cynthia and Agatha in it. Everybody’s attention was drawn to them. Nath was shocked seeing Emma, Agatha seeing Brano and Cynthia seeing another person called Kenzy. She glanced at Nath who noticed her attitude and asked, “What’s it?”

“Um.. Nothing”
Cynthia replied.

Nath also looked back to see Agatha staring at Brano, “What’s it?”

“Um.. Nothing”
Agatha also replied then they began to go down from the car.
Kenzy was Cynthia’s x-boyfriend who disvirgined her..

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