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Letter To My Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 66
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Kenzy wore a black suit instead of traditional wears believing that is an old fashion. He stretched his head when he saw Cynthia walking Simultaneously with Nath to a different canopy. Mento, Emma and Brano were tensed up seeing them too. Only Brano recognized or knew who Agatha was. He tapped Emma saying, “Who is that girl with the Mechanic?”

“That’s my Oyoyo nah. My Cynthia!”

Emma exclaimed silently and angrily. His temper became hot breathing heavily.

“Do you know that i saw her with Agatha at the restaurant?”
“Who is Agatha?”
“The one i told you that is driving me crazy! And she’s that one with them”
Brano pointed at Agatha. “Guy, i sense something fishy” he added.

“I’m gonna kill that guy”
Emma concluded.

On the other hand, Nath glanced at mento but stared at Brano and Emma because they were together, separately from Mento.
Cynthia and Kenzy stared at each other while Agatha pretended not to see Brano.

“Those are the two guys that tortured and sent me to die in Kindagan” Nath was telling Cynthia whose mind, body and soul weren’t there as she stared at Kenzy without listening to him. “Honey?” Nath called her yet, she didn’t respond. He then looked at her and followed the direction of her eyes to Kenzy and became surprise how both were staring at each other. So he touched her saying, “Who’s that?”

Cynthia realised herself. Even Nath’s voice brought Agatha’s attention.

“Ehn.. who are you talking about?”
Cynthia asked.

Nath looked at Kenzy again. “Do you know how long i have been talking to you and calling you only to find out you were busy looking at a guy?!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry”
Cynthia composed herself. Nath stared at her for a moment but kept quiet.

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