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Letter To My Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 15
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The quietness lingered in the room. Breeze occasionally blew the window cotton open adding more luminous intensity to the room. Nath and Joyce could hear distance chattering and sound of vehicles on the mian road. Nath stood up from the long stool to a corner and brought out a drink. “This is for you” he broke the silence looking at the bed where Joyce was lying.

Joyce sat up without smiling. “I don’t want to drink anything” she said. “I’m not in the mood” she added.

Without persuasion, Nath kept the drink. He drew the long stool closer to the bed and sat before Joyce. “Why were you crying yesterday? He asked but Joyce remained quiet. “I think that’s why you are her to talk to me as a friend. So tell me what the problem is”

Joyce sq££zed her mouth looking at him. The words, ‘as a friend’ got her angry because she knew she was inlove. “Can i ask you something?” she requesting but Nath kept quiet waiting for her to continued. “Can you spend the rest of your life with a woman you don’t love?”

“No, i can’t”

“That’s what I’m passing through. My father wants me to marry a man i don’t love due to a nonsense agreement they had years ago. I am given less than a week to make up my mind. Do you know how it feels to know you are going to spend the rest of your life with a man you don’t love?”
her eyes began to wet with tears.

Nath stared at her piteously. “Talk to your father, maybe he will understand so that you can marry the person you love” he said forgetting that she told him he’s the on she loves.

“That’s the problem” Joyce stood up Simultaneously with Nath’s hand making him to stand up too in a way both stared at each other’s eyes. “Only one man i love, My heart beats for him alone and I’m ready to spend the rest of my live with him. You are the one i love, Nath. I just hope you feel the same way i feel. Please, tell me you love me too”

Nath became speechless at her words….
Agatha had gone back home hoping to see a handsome mechanic in their compound tomorrow. She came out to the sittingroom where Mr Randy, her father was sitting. She wore a bomshort and a spaghetti white top. She placed her hand across his shoulder and said, “Daddy, i have seen someone who can work on your cars”

“But i never told you to get a mechanic for me”

“Daddy, this one is not just a mechanic, he is a supper mechanic”

“Are you sure he can do it?”

“Yes, Daddy. And he’s coming tomorrow”

“Alright then”

“Okay, Daddy”
Agatha ran back to her room happily then her father wondered the cause of the sudden happiness. He smiled.
Nath saw tears of love circled in Joyce’s eyes as she waited patiently for his reply. He could also feel her soft palms which she sq££zed romantically looking at him.

“Joyce” Nath began. “If i say yes to what you are asking me of, then i will be making the same mistake you are trying to avoid. I only like you as a friend”

Hearing that, the tears finally ran down from Joyce’s eyes. “So you are saying that you don’t love me. Who do you love then? Cynthia?” she asked but Nath remained quiet. “Yes, i heard she visited you yesterday..” she sniffed in tears and disengaged her hand from his, then sat on the long stool and began to put on her footwears.

“I’m sorry” Nath said hoping it would cure the heartbreak.

“Where are you going to?” Joyce changed the topic.

“To the shop”

“I mean tomorrow”

“To a place a bit far from here. I have a special work for someone”

Joyce stood up. She dried her tears and pick her bag. “Let me drop you at your shop” she said.
Emma was having what is called ‘Angry smoking’ with Brano. Smoke pumped out from both his mouth and nose with his face up.

“Why do you want to kill yourself with weed, bro?!”
Brano exclaimed but Emma seemed absent minded. The weed had entered into his medulla oblongata rendering the involuntary movement of his body inactive. “Guy, talk to me nah!” Brano persuaded.

“Can you imaging that a nonentity wants to take my Cynthia way?” Emma blew out a smoke.

“I told you, didn’t i?”

“I will make sure i deal with that vagabond!”

“Easy bro..”

“I swear to God!”
Emma concluded and sniffed.

Nath and Joyce drove silently to his shop. He was surprise of her kindness after he had rejected to love her back. “What a kind hearted girl?” he thought.

Joyce glanced at him with a smiled when they got to the shop but didn’t say anything. Just then, Mento, who was passing saw her car then stopped to monitor her.

“Can i talk to Cynthia?”
Joyce requested.
Nath paused.

“Is okay, i understand”

“Thank you”
Nath came down from the car.

“I will give you a call”


Mento saw Nath coming from the car and entering into the shop then he nodded his head positive and drove out.

Joyce also started her car and began to drive home with a broken heart. As she drove, tears ran down her eyes…

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