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Added: Aug 13, 2017
Poster: Guruboi

Lies Of The Heart - Season 1 - Episode 21
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While urmi’s parents are discussing with the family how to arrange that kind of money, urmi’s masi comes forward for help. Urmi very worried remembering her sauma’s demand, and her family’s concern. She thinks that she would have to find a solution, and is tensed and distraught. She dials samrat’s number,
remembering her moments with him.

Rashmi’s mother is chatting with samrat’s mother, when samrat and ishaan comes in and his mother teases him about the shopping.
ishaan says that this would have to be done for the new wife, so that he gets love in return. his mother gets tensed, and asks whats he got.
Samratv says that its a diamond set for urmi, worth lakhs. while rashmi’s mother and others are excited, his mother is shocked to desperation. she manages to say that its very beautiful. all compliment his chocie, while ishaan smiles. but he grows tensed, when they start talking about how urmi mustnt have even dreamed of such a costly gift. samrat’s mother tries to get it for herself, by saying that she wanted something like this for herself at the marriage.

ishaan says that samrat has taken it for someone special. Samrat’s mother goes on a long story of her needs are never taken care by his father anymore. samrat gives in and asks her to keep it, if he likes it. Ishaan tries to say that its for urmi. His mother gets tensed, and has to say for formality sake, that he should give it to urmi. samrat says that urmi can get another one, and that she should keep this. Ishaan tries to say that its for urmi, but samrat says that they would go shopping some other day. he leaves. She pretends to be very shy and humble, modest but actually very overjoyed that she bagged that set.

Urmi calls up samrat saying that she has something to say to him. He asks howcome she hasnt slept yet, as its quite late. She says that its been very late. he asks her to say clearly. She is unable to say anything, while he gets impatient.he asks what. She hesitatingly says that she cant marry him. Samrat is shocked. He asks if he heard it right. She cancels the phone, bursting into tears. He is baffled, how could she say this to him. He thinks how dare she rejected him, and hence calls her back in a rage.

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