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Added: Aug 13, 2017
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Lies Of The Heart - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Samnrat’s father asks her to apologise. But samrat asks her not to do anything like that. all are tensed. Ishaan says that they have to patch up for what wrong they did. samrat asks them to go off to sleep. ishaan is surprised, while all are confused.

The next day, at the dinner table, all are discussing to arrange money, from the gold loan. buaji also pffers to help, but she is told a strong no. Saroj asks trisha about urmi. Befor she can answer, urmi comes down. She tells her family sternly, at the dinner table, that she wont perform this marriage with samrat. they are all shocked and distraught. the screen freezes on urmi’s stern face.

All are shocked at urmi’s descsion, when she tells that she has told samrat even. She is reprimanded by her parents, who are shocked. she defiantly says that she told samrat that she wont marry him, and that they shouldnt try to purchase happiness by crediting for their house jewellert. she says that she wont be able to be happy, to achieve which, their family toiled hard.
she says that samrat’s parents emotionlessly tried to make a deal of this marriage.

Granny reprimdns her for this kind of mature act. buaji too begins to be angry at her. rashmi reprimands urmi for talking this brash with samrat, and that now nothing in the world can get her married to samrat. She says that now urmi would have to sit at her home, unmarried forever. her father too is very angry at her.
Meanwhile, they are surprised and tensed when they find samrat, ishaan and samrat’s mother at their doorstep. They go over to greet them. They tell how they had been scolding urmi, and ask samrat not to feel bad about urmi’s words, and try to cover up for her, that she’s
immature and deosnt behave maturedly.

Meanwhile, samrat is eyeing trisha tensedly. urmi has her eyes lowered. gaurav asks samrat’s mother not to worry, as they are arranging for what she wished for, and they dont want her to be disappointed.

Samrat stops them with his hand. all are tensed. He asks his mother to speak what she came here for. She is hesitant but he asks her to go and say very clearly what she has come here for.
When she doesnt, urmi’s mother is tensed. Samrat again coaxes his mother to say and all shall listen. She manages to speak that her demand was very unjustified and that she shouldnt have placed this demand, and asks for forgiveness. urmi’s parents ask her not to embarass them. samrat’s mother says that out opf her idiocy they had to go through all this trouble. she asks urmi’s parents to forget about her demands completely.

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