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Added: Aug 13, 2017
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Life Of Ami - Season 1 - Episode 43
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Prabha talks about Shruti to her husband and then Sanjay comes and they both have an argument on love ( Shruti ). Sanjay says that he won't change his decision and Prabha says that even she is his mother and she also promises that she won't let this happen.

Ami puts a fire cracker at the entrance of Jasuben’s door and lights it and while going she dashes with Daadi, then Daasi asks her why is she creating problems and that if Jasuben comes to know that she has created this problem then she will remove them from their house a bit earlier. Jasuben comes out and she sees Ami, Khushboo and Daadi, she taunts them and even wishes them happy Diwali. Then the fire cracker bursts and Jasuben gets scared and hugs Baa(Daadi) and then she blames Ami for this but Daadi then asks her for a proof.

Sanjay takes roses for Shruti as he is in a very happy mood. He then sees shruti’s phone and decides to go and give her the phone and also meet her. Shruti goes home, Baa, Khushboo, Ami and Naani wish her happy Diwali and then Shruti and Baa go to mandir. Sanjay comes and he talk with the kids and then they go to sleep. Naani talks with Sanjay about Shruti liking him but it's just that she is not ready to accept that she loves him and it's his responsibility to make her accept that she loves him.

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