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Added: Aug 13, 2017
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Life Of Ami - Season 1 - Episode 45
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Prabha angrily says that she won’t let this happen and Sanjay says he will marry only Shruti and no one else. He adds that he is now going to propose Shruti at her house. When he is going, Prabha faints. Riddhi cries while taking care of Prabha and at the same time she is worried for Sanjay. Riddhi then tells Prabha that they will both make Sanjay understand.

Sanjay is restless and his father tries to make him understand that both he and his mother are stubborn and if he wants to win, he should make an effort to talk to her calmly. Sanjay's father further suggests him to keep patience and convince his mother. Sanjay’s brother and family also discuss Shruti and her daughters and are against the marriage. The brother in-law is the only one who supports Shruti and tells to give her a chance. Shani also pops into the conversation that Sanjay has never been wrong about people.

Sanjay goes to talk to his mother but his sister tells him that she is sleeping and so not to disturb. However Prabha is not in the house and has gone to meet Shruti in the park as she has earlier calls Shruti for a meeting. Shruti is worried and asks her why she called. Prabha tells Shruti that due to Shruti her son has gone against her and in front of Bhavna’s family told that he loves only Shruti. Shruti looks stunned and Prabha continue to blames her that she is using Sanjay for her own benefits. She tells Shruti to stop acting as if Shruti does not know and that she is not Sanjay to fall for her acting.
Accuses Shruti of using tears and sadness to gain a place in his heart knowing that he is soft-hearted. Prabha says she still has not changed even though she is a widow and mother of 2 grown kids and all she wants is her son’s money. Shruti tells Prabha not to give a wrong name to her relationship with Sanjay. Shruti defends herself saying she has no interest in money and herself does not know when the relationship changed. Prabha tells Shruti to stop dreaming about marrying her son and as his mother, she will resist it as much as possible. She warns Shruti and asks her to maintain a distance from Sanjay.

Sanjay again goes to see his mother and his sister tries to block him but he still enters. His sister is stunned but relieved to see Prabha has returned and is in bed. Sanjay tries to convince Prabha but she remains aloof. They have the same conversation about Shruti, marriage, widow, children, etc and Sanjay asks Prabha to give Shruti a chance. He says he will do what he wants as, after all, he is her son and as stubborn as her.

Sanjay reaches Shruti’s house in the guise of wishing her for New Year and finds her alone.
Jassuben sees them and laughs that there is something fishy. Inside the house, Sanjay tells Shruti that his mother has given ultimatum about his engagement but he has also told her that he is willing but to the girl he prefers. He says that he knows she also loves him.
Sanjay’s face very lose to Shruti’s and Shruti is breathing fast due to the tears she is trying to choke back.

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