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love in the dark - Season 1 - Episode 22
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The corpse of Gabriel was unfathomable. His whole appearance died with him.

He appeared like an alien with bleached skin. I couldn’t utter a single word. I was totally bem0aned. Gab was a nice guy and didn’t deserve to die the way he did. The police recorded it as an accident but the lacerations on his skin proved otherwise. He was murdered, and his assailant made it look like he had an accident with his cab. I was the only person who could stand in as a close relative. He still saved my phone number as LOVE. I broke up with Gabriel because he led me on the path of deception for a long time.

I didn’t care, he was a taxi driver even when friends criticised me for that. To believe that he was lying all through our relationship made me lose any love I had for him.

He wasn’t the man in the vehicle when I had an accident. It was Tunji; the man I met at the store. I came to know this on Valentine’s day. Tunji bought me a set of beautiful red shoes. The most expensive in my closet.
Gabriel grew jealous and threw random tantrums at me. He ordered me to return them but I refused. Tunji came over that day and he rang a bottle at his head. I was infuriated by that act and decided to ride with Tunji to the hospital. He revealed to me that his old scar was a product of an accident. An accident was involved in. Tunji is my knight in shinning armour. I and Tunji rekindled our love and I have never felt a paltry of regret.
Tunji is a real estate
developer and from a wealthy family. He’s the perfect gentleman with a good heart. He loves me dearly and I am yet to see anything

Bad about him.

Gabriel was murdered I know. But by who?
I needed a shoulder to cry on. Tunji was there but not in the moment. He appeared so disconnected. I reclined on his broad Unclad shoulder and slept off. I dreamt of Gabriel. His sunken eyes terrorized me. He wasn’t pleased with me. I jerked from the bed to find myself alone on the bed. “where’s Tunji?

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