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Love me again - Season 1 - Episode 32
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“Express your feelings if you have to, it doesn’t kill “

Woke up late since it was a Sunday, several missed calls I decided to call him

hello, ermm I was busy

Before you say anything, I would like to say sorry for yester night
Hope I haven’t ruined my chances
Babs I want you, I need you
Please give me another chance

I will think about it, please have a nice day

When should I expect an answer from you?

Me: I will let you know I quickly hanged up

Just then Livie called I gave him the latest gist, he wasn’t too happy about it

But I told him I will be fine, besides am sure Clyde has learnt his lesson
We talked for a while, and I got out of bed downstairs

My mum was staring at me, and finally asked I should spill it out

I told her there was nothing to talk about
She then said whatever it is, if I am happy she will support me

I said thank you and asked what he thinks about Clyde

Since before we got married they didn’t get the opportunity to know him that well
She said from afar he seems like a nice guy, but she is yet to have a talk with him

I wondered how she is going to do that without pissing off dad, besides she doesn’t know where Clyde stays

Days turned into weeks, Clyde comes over to my work place to take me for lunch

He comes over to my house but had to wait outside for me Sometimes we just sit outside in his car and have long chats Or take walks in my area, I just could not stop admiring him each and everyday

One working day, he came for me for our usual lunch I was quiet busy so he just sat there in front of me, while I finished up Just then my dad came in, their eyes met and I was kind of nervous

Hello sir, Good afternoon

I can see you are busy here my daughter, was going for lunch, Wanted to find out if you will tag along but let’s meet at home

Dad sorry another time. I have plans already

Dad: Young man, Saturday 7pm, my house

Don’t be late, I believe you can find your way

Yes sir

When he left, Clyde asked me what just happened I have no idea either,
I was just staring at you guys
Clyde then decided to cancel our lunch date so I can go with my dad

I watched him go away sadly, I then went ahead with dad’s offer Lunch it was at ‘’spicy’’ his favorite spot I can’t just wait for Saturday 7pm

Clyde was so happy about it, I on the other hand was nervous considering I know my dad so well Clyde and I seemed to be doing a lot of talking these days,

And since the last kiss he hasn’t tried any move again

I was beginning to get worried I mean it’s not like he doesn’t want it too I just want to explode anytime am around him

These are the old feelings I wish never resurfaced again I am beginning to like him gradually again

The hatred I think I can bear, but this torture of not being in his arms is killing me already Saturday came and Clyde was early as a bird
He came an hour before time

I was going to take my bath when my brothers prompted me my prince charming is here

The way they said it was funny I quickly put on a short and a tank top, I rushed downstairs

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