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Love me again - Season 1 - Episode 34
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“You know you still love them, if you can remember every little details about their worst fears”

We all moved to the table to dine I made to sit by Clyde but my dad quickly asked i sit beside him We ate in silence, just then my mum asked for dessert to be brought i quickly shouted, my husband doesn’t eat that one, he is allergic Give him the other, just a little or he might grow too fat I actually made that for him, knowing what he likes and don’t, since my mum doesn’t It didn’t occur to me what I had said until I realized everyone was quiet When I finally knew what I did, I kept staring at Clyde who couldn’t wipe that smirk off his face Just then, my dad stood up

Young man follow me, I knew I have worsened things I quickly followed, my mum didn’t want to be left behind

Have a seat, and now tell me what you did to my daughter

I want to know if you are worthy of her again

Dad I thought we were never going to talk about that

Barbara, this is not your concern, I made that promise to you
Not him, so allow him and get off from here, you two Pointing to mum and I Young man talk, am listening or why did you come to my house the other day for

Was it not to confess and ask for forgiveness?

Yes sir, I …. I….I … I know I have wronged you and your daughter
Kindly forgive me and I want to properly ask for your daughters hand in marriage, if you will approve, that would make me so very happy

What? Are you out of your mind? You think I want to see my daughter go through whatever she went through again Never, over my dead body

Now get the hell out of my house and don’t ever come back

I said go, and don’t look back

Sir please, am sorry this time
I was in tears for the embarrassment Clyde is going through

Dad, how could you embarrass my guest this way?

He had problems with me, not you i don’t need you fixing my problems for me, i grabbed Clyde’s hands and asked him to follow me

He hesitated a while, i told him if he wants to be lynched then he should be my guest,
He quickly looked at my mum who beckoned him to go, then he runned after me
By this time I was at the door
We left the compound in his car,
He kept driving until he stopped

Why are we stopping?

Am sorry Babs,
I just couldn’t tell them what they want to hear, It would sound so stupid, I wanted to but it wasn’t just coming out

Then drive on, get me out of this environment

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