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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 11
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“Rolland, don’t you recognise us? We’re the detectives that came yesterday,”
Joy said looking intently at Rolland.

“Sorry, my brother hit his head on the tiles, so he has a temporarily brain loss of only yesterday,”
Bella chipped in.

“What caused it?”
David asked.

“I tried asking him, but he doesn’t remember what happened to him.”

“Hmm. . I see! Am Detective David Spencer and this is Detective Joy Ugochukwu from the D.S.S Homicide division.”
David introduced themselves.

“Okay, you said you came to my house yesterday? Is there something wrong?”

“No ma’am, we came to ask few questions regarding late miss Favour Ndubuisi, hope you don’t mind?”

“Sure, let’s get inside.”

They entered the apartment as she gestured them to have a seat which they obliged.

“So miss Annabella. . .”

“Just call me Bella.”

“Okay, Bella, when you attended miss Cynthia Victor’s party two days ago, did you suspect any man with miss Favour?”

“Yes, I did!”

“Hmm, are you sure?”


“Your the second person out of seven people we went to interrogate that saw Favour with a man, first was Tobi Andrews.”

Bella appeared shocked.

“Yea, so this man. Was he acting strange to you?”

“I guess so, he was staring at me throughout my stay at the party, then he was walking to me before Favour took him away.”

“Okay, how does he look, I mean can you describe the man for us?”

“Sure, he’s fair, 5ft tall, blonde, handsome and has grey eyes, which is kinda strange to me.”

“Thank you, the same describsion her friend gave us.”

“But is he a suspect?”

“He was the last person to be with Favour before her death.”


“Okay, thank you for your time.”
David and Joy stood up and headed to the door before he turned and said. “Rolland, do remember what happened.”

As soon as they got out, David felt someone was watching them, he looked around but couldn’t see anyone.

Seeing no one, he and Joy entered his Camry car and drove out of the premises.

As soon as they drove out, Lucifer came out with a smirk and said “Here I come my bride”

with that he entered Bella’s apartment.

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