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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Detective David Spencer woke up due to the ringing tone of his phone.

He stretched out to reach his phone.

He answered and later recognised who was speaking to him, it was the chief of the Homicide division of D.S.S.

David: Good Morning chief.

Get your a-s down here, there have been a gruesome murder in a party at Maryland.

David: Okay chief.

He said as the chief ended the call and got up from the bed and rushed into his bedroom.
He didn’t take more than fifteen minutes before he came out.

Then he walked to his wardrope and took a see-blue colored t-shirt as he wore his gold wrist watch, then he took his car key before coming out of his apartment.

He entered his camry car sped through the highway before he reached the station.

He parked his car in the car space where he usually parked his car.

He got down and strode into the station while the officers greeted and saluted him, he nodded and headed to the chief’s office, when he got ther, he knocked at the door as the chief’s voice from inside told him to enter.

As soon as he entered, he saw a young lady in suit sitted at one of visitors seat.

The chief gestured him to seat which he did.

“Before we start, let me introduce you to the lady sitted right beside you, she is Detective Joy Ugochukwu, your partner in this case, you both will walk hand in hand, am I clear?”
they nodded.

The chief then turned to Detective Joy, “This gentleman here is Detective David Spencer, one of our most homicide agent in this bureau, and I hope you will work with him?” She nodded.

“Okay then, there was a murder at a party last night, the victim was pale and seems she was dried of blood, but she wasn’t, that surprised me, anyway, a girl who claimed to be her friend said she saw Miss Favour Ndubuisi with a guy last night before her death, so your job is to go to the place and interrogate the friends that attended the party to see if anyone know anything apart from Miss Tobi Andrews.”

The chief stopped as he looked sternly into the eyes of the two detective.

Since there was no question forthcoming, he depatched them.

They stood up and saluted the chief.

“I’ll send the address of the murder sight to u few minutes from through your gps.”
The chief said.

They saluted him again and walked out of the office.

They came out of the station and entered Detective David’s car and drove out towards the location that were sent to them through the gps.

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