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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 6
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They got to the station and headed towards the chief office, they got in and sat.

so, how did it go?

we only interrogated one but we’re planning to interrogate another girl.

Okay, get on with it then.

Yes Chief, but we came to know if you have interrogated miss Favour’s friend, miss Tobi Andrews?

Yes, she was the one that la!d a report.

David: Okay Chief, we’ll be going now.
Joy didn’t say anything throughout their little conversation, apparently, she was lost in thought. And couldn’t hear David and the Chief calling out her name.

David had to touch her before she could get herself.

“What is it, Detective Joy?”
the Chief asked.

“Nothing sir, I was only thinking about how the girl we interrogate behaved.”

“And how did she behaved?”

“It’s nothing sir. . . .”
David tried to cut in but Chief got angry at him.

“Are you Detective Joy?” he asked.

“No sir,”

“Better, so Detective Joy, how did she react?”

Joy kept quiet a little before she silently said. “Nothing,”

The Chief nodded and they both stood up, saluted the Chief before exiting his office.



Detective David and Joy stood in front of Bella’s apartment as they were knocking, but seems there was no reply, they wanted to retreat when the door suddenly opened and Rolland, Bella’s brother came out from the door.

“Good day!”
he greeted.

“Good Afternoon, am Detective David Spencer, and this is Detective Joy Ugochukwu, from the D.S.S.”
David greeted.

“So how can I help you?”
Rolland asked.

“Actually we’re looking for one Miss Annabella Daniels.”

“Am her brother, is there a problem?”

“Oh, not at all, just tell her we came visiting and that we’ll be back tomorrow.”
David said.

Rolland nodded before shuting the doors behind him.

David And Joy then went straight to Oge Chibuike’s house, one of the guess also.

8:30 P.M.

Bella came back drunk and a littly tipsy, her brother, Rolland was kinda angry with herh he had warned her to stop attending parties, but she always kept deaf ears.

He however, helped her to her room to sleep, he removed her heels, then her blouse and her legis, before wearing her her pyjamas.

He was a guy who cherished his sister alot, but sometimes get over the edge.

Because of her drunken state, he couldn’t tell her about the two Detectives that visited earlier, so he decided till she regained herself.

After he kept her in bed, he switched off the light and headed towards his roon, then he crashed on the bed before he dozed off.

01:00 A.M

Lucifer appeared right outside the apartment as a smirk was on his face, he walked through the door and walked towards Bella’s Room.

Will Lucifer succeed to get his, Bella, tonight?

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