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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 7
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01:00 A.M

Richard woke up, he didn’t know why, but he felt something touching him.

He got out of bed and switched on the lights.

He didn’t see any thing suspicious so he decided to go back to bed, sooner than he had lied down again, the hand touched him once more. This time he jerked up. He looked around but couldn’t see anyone, then he decided to go drink some water in the living room, he stood out of bed and wore his slippers before walking out of his room.

As he got out, he started hearing some whooshing sound like a wave gravity kinda of sound carrying magnetics in the air coming out of his sister’s room, he became anxious.

He got straight to the door and placed his ear on it, he was right, the sound was coming out of his sister’s room, what could it be? He asked himself, then he decided to open the door, he relaxed himself, then he speedily opened the door, when he saw a man clouded with black smokes which was making the sound he heard.

As soon as Lucifer saw him, he used force to push Rolland off, Rolland flew backwards and hit his head hard on the wall which made him to pass out, that noise woked Bella as she sprinted out of her bed and came to the living, she saw her brother lying weakly on the floor, she ran to him.

He was barely breathing and she knew if she doesnt get him to a hospital she would lose but she doesnt have a car and she can’t see a cab in the middle of the night. Her only prayer then was for God to keep him alive.

She ran to the kitchen and got a first aid box, Rolland had bought it when she cuts her hand deeply with a knife.

She came over Rolland who was finding it out to breath.

She didn’t even know when she started crying. She was afraid of losing her only brother.

She managed to stitch his head wound.

Throughout that night, she stayed awake looking after her brother.


Lucifer appeared back to hell and saw that he had failed again.

Why couldn’t he get a mere human on his two attempt, someone always distract him.

He was speechless and angry at the same time, he needed blood, he knew he wont get Bella this night again but never the less.

He left his plan till tommorrow.

He came back to earth and turned to a human as he saw two police men at a checkpoint a little farther away from him.

He walked up to them.

They told him to stop, thinking he was a thief as he wore a black shirt and trouser.

He stopped, then one of the officers came and started searching, immediately he was through, Lucifer grabbed the police man by the collar and sank his sharpened teeth into the man’s neck, the man screamed and screamed as Lucifer was tearing deep into his neck, then the other officer, seeing this brought out his pistol and shot a bullet to the head of Lucifer, but that only stopped him for devouring the man’s neck which was almost out of his head and shoulder.

The other officer shot three bullets but nothing happened then he took to his heels.

Lucifer came infront of the man and pushed his hand into the man’s chest, then he took out his heart.

The officer slumped to the ground as Lucifer dissappeared back to hell.

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