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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Detective David entered the morgue and met the attendant.

“Can I see the dead bodies of the two officers that were brought in this morning?”[/b David said as he brought out his badge.

The attendant was confused as to why a detective would want to see dead bodies, [b] “maybe, it’s part of the investigation.”
he thought, then he said “Okay Detective,”.

He went to the drawer like doors that were numbered, he pulled out door 15 and 16 that contains the bodies, while David got closed to them, he looked at the bodies carefully then he wondered what had killed the two officers so gruesomely, he knew it wasn’t a day by day killing, he examinined the neck that was like almost rippened off, he then check the other’s chest, he looked closely and he noticed the man’s heart was no more, he became confused at to what might have done this, then he got hold of himself as he walked out of the morgue and walked back to the Chief Office.

He got inside without knocking, he didn’t even realised that he didn’t knock, he didn’t see Joy inside but saw that the Chief was on call.

The Chief glanced at him as he sat down looking perplexed.

“So what did you found out?”
The Chief asked.

“Honestly Chief, I don’t know what to say, whoever killed them should be a ritualist by the way they were killed,”
“What made you think so?”
“Sir, one of them heart were removed if you noticed it,”
the Chief asked.

“Yes Chief,”

“So can you handle the case?”


“Okay, get on with it”

David got up and headed towards Joy’s office.
He got there and knocked, “Joy, c’mon lets go,”


“To Annabella’s”

Joy didn’t say anything but instead took out her gun and put it in her hoister then walked out of the station with David.


Rolland was getting better now, as he had come out of coma, Bella was by his side and was happy when he flickered his eyes opened, Bella was dizzy throughout the sleepless night she had.

Rolland was also happy to see her.

He tried to recall what happened to him, but for some reason he couldn’t remember anything.

Bella wanted to ask what happened to him but she shoved it off, for now, her brother needs food, and she didn’t have much money with her, so she thought of going home to take some money, then head to anything restaurant and buy some food for him.

She told him she was coming back that she wanted to go get some food for him, he slightly nodded, she had forgotten to take some money when she first came back to her apartment.

So she ran and boarded a cab to Allen Avenue.

She paid the cab driver and got into her apartment before she went in her drawer in her room, she counted out twenty-five thousand before she went outside her apartment but stopped as she saw a guy standing infront of her. . . . .

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