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Mad Over Dance - Season 1 - Episode 2
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The school in which i was enrolled into was all the way in Libya. Through the connection of my uncle who live in Libya, i was Able to get my passport and other credentials. My flight from here (nigeria) to Libya was booked for 7th of august 2017. All arrangements including my school fees and other minor payment has been made. Thankz to kelvin. Finally, the day i had to travel came , all my family members including my mom has escort me to the airport.

MUm: my son, since you choose this side of life, we no longer have any say in it…….

Me: nne m, ogadichia nma (my mom, all will be well)

Mum: and one last thing, respect ur uncle and his wife, and also pray before and after sleeping…….Beware of girls ooh *funny smile on her face*

Me: haaa, maale, u no won make i marry a white folk… Abeg go jhoor. * laughing*
The Libya airline services became through with me.

Man: sir, you can now enter into theplane……. Here is your seat number. Injoy ur ride and God bless.

Me: thankz.
I entered into the plane after hugging my mum and brothers. Indeed, my mom became so emotional immediately i entered into the plane.. She couldn’t stop waving at me.. The plane gently speed off from the lower level. I watched them as they turned into little piece shits (lolz, i meant they because small in size because i was already seeing them from a higher level).

The fly to Libya was successful, no wahala jam us for air. ”The power engine will die in 10 seconds 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0. Welcome to Libya. Injoy ur stay” the computer said…….

”Wow , this city is dam big” i said to myself. I stopped talking to myself immediately i saw someone holding my name been written in a little bill board. ” CHUKS KENT FROM NIGERIA” that was when i realised that i was to meet someone who will take me to my uncle’s house. I went over to the young lady standing with the bill board.

Me: hello ma, am chuks Kent.Lady: what???, chuks is this you, you have grown so big. The last time i saw you, u were still of this height *she measured the height with her hand* lets go…. Thank God i found you earlier…….

Me: wait ooh, anuty Jane, is this you,?

Lady : yea, it me……. Common give me a hug.

We hugged for some seconds before disengaging.

”Lets go , ur uncle is waiting for you” she said…….

Me: Ok
”Cab, Cab” she halt the taxi

Cab man: ma, where do u wanna go.

Anuty Jane: Misrata, re u going?

Cab man: ya,, 6 dinar

Anuty Jane: nop 4 dinar.

Cab man: hop in.
We entered into the cab after bargaining the price with him. After a drive of 30mins, i saw a big bill board ” WELCOME TO MISRATA”
”wow, Libya fine pass naija ooh”
i thought to myself.

Finally, the cab stopped in front of a house, i guess was my uncle’s house. He offload my luggages, and we paid him off…….

Since my uncle married Jane, they haven’t bore any child so the house was empty…….

Me: i thought you said my uncle was at home.

Jane: ya, he was….. Maybe he ( her phone ringed)

Voice: honey, i had to report to work.
Tell chuks that we qat to see in the evening……. I love you..

Jane: me too. ( she faced me) he had to report to work. Buh he will be back before night fall…

Me: owk.

Jane: come lemme show you ur room.
She showed me my room and i unpacked my little cloths and arranged them in my hanger…….

”come down , dinner is ready” she shouted from the dinning room.

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