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Mad Over Dance - Season 1 - Episode 3
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”chuks, come down dinner is served” she call shouted. I left the cloths arrangement and went downstairs. We both were still in the dinning room eating when we had the horn of a car. * i guess my its my uncle’s car* The car drove into our compound and a man came down from it. * is this my uncle?* i asked myself. The strange man opened the door that Leeds to our dinning room.

Man: hey boy, won’t u give ur uncle a welcome hug?

i went over to him and gave him a hug he requested for.

Uncle: it been so long, wow., u have really changed. U have have grown so big, look at ur shoulder, have u been geming?

Me: ya, just a little. Buh uncle, u dont look bad.

Uncle: u can say that again. She has been taking good care of me *pointing at his wife*

”Anut, thankz for taking good care of my uncle.

After exchanging pleasantries, he left for thebathroom to take his bath.

The sun has completely fade away, the moon and stars has appeared, the breeze of the night never stopped to keep our body cool…….. I all had already eaten my dinner, and my uncle and his wife was in their own room discussing about something only known to them.

Time checked 10:32pm, my uncle called me to his room and asked me to sit down in order for us to discuss about the reason why i came to Libya.

Uncle: chuks, once again, u re welcome……. *smiling*

Me: thankz *smiled back*

Uncle: do u know the reason why i called you here by this time ?

Me: emmmmm maybe

Uncle: and what could be the reason?

Me: for my enrollment into the music school. *already blushing*

Uncle: *smiled* boy, u re a way too faster than ur shadow.

Me: uncle , what do u mean by that???

Uncle: what i meant was that ur family didn’t buy you ticket all theway from nigeria to here for u to enter into any musicschool……. Actually, they brought u here for u to can learn certain trades.

Me: *shocked* what???, how could they, i layed my trust on them…….*crying* what am i going to do. I need to go back to Nigeria..

Uncle: going back to Nigeria won’t be the solution , rather ,it will worsen the case.

There is this friend of mine who owns a music school. Buh the cost of the school is high.

Me: * wiped my tears* why is the price high, is it not just a music school.

Uncle: not just been a music school is the problem. The problem is that the school is been located in the heart of Libya. That is where almost all the rich young white folks stays to perform a music or dance.

Me: uncle, can u help me.?

Uncle: sure, why won’t i help my brother.?

I gave it a big thought, and i have come to the final solution which is that every child should be left alone to choose his or her career.. And have given u the opportunity.Pls use it wisely.One last thing before u go to bed.

Me: and which is??? * already excited*

Uncle: this secret must be kept between us, no other ear must hear that i enrolled u into a music school other than helping u learn a trade.

Me: uncle, our little secret is safe with me…….

Uncle: pack ur bags by 2moro because we will be leaving a day after 2moro.


yes sire.
I left the room , while i was about leaving the room, i heard his wife arguing with him in a low tone.
” taaa, wetin concern me, atleast, have found someone who also have passion for the thing i know how to do best……. As for my family members, they must buy and download my music without knowing it their son’s product…….

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