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Maraa - Season 1 - Episode 28
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“Isn’t it starting already? Isn’t the loving loving thing starting already ni sister!” I said and my husband frowned as he faced her
“Never you call us old o. Never ever !” he said, seriously

We all laughed
“Yes sir” Doctor Flora said as she saluted like an army woman.

We laughed again
“The programme would start anytime soon”
My husband said
I laughed

“Are you so much in a hurry? Isn’t this just an introduction ceremony? What if its the D-day? Its just 7am and the programme is slated for 1pm” I said and he scratched his head
“Don’t mind me. I just love ‘Love stories’” he said and we laughed
“Hmmm…that’s a really great testimony” I said and he pecked me again
I slapped him playfully

“There are little children around please” I said and he smiled
“Where is Dan please?” he asked and I smiled
“I am sure he is peeping from behind one of the curtains to behold his beauty queen” I said, winking at the glowing wife to be of my son!
We laughed again
Doctor Flora smiled
“God works in mysterious ways” she started and I listened
Whenever she talked, it was always meaningful
“God brought pains your ways in order for you to understand Dan’s pains. God brought Dan pains so that he could come back home and be established…” she was saying
“And meet you!” My husband glowed with excitement as he talked and we laughed happily
“I am happy for you guys” I said and she genuflected

“Thank you so much mum. Thank you for taking care of him and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit!” she said, hugging me

The curtain was drawn and there, behind the curtain was Daniel, his face laced up in tears.
I smiled

“I knew he was behind one of the curtains” I said as I grinned happily.
“Come boy” my husband said and he walked into his embrace as they hit each other in the guy way.

I watched on
Doctor Flora’s face was down as she appeared so shy.
He knelt before her and held her legs
“Thanks for saying you would marry me especially when I had nothing. Thanks for obeying God’s will”

“Thank God you have everything now and even perhaps still have nothing, it would have been you yet! I love you” She confessed poetically and my husband clapped as he snapped the duo.
“I love this! Oh my my my!” he sang on
I was excited.

“This lesson I learnt immediately I became healed from my illness and I met Christ.You were created by LOVE to be loved

You were created by ONE to be one!” my husband said and I clapped my hands
“That’s beautiful…. One, Love…. That’s God!”

Hmmmmm… Marriage is a sweet thing
The past one year made me forget all the suffering I had ever gone through
As I pondered on all that had happened to this point, the telephone on the living room rang and my husband ran to the receive it.

“Those workers are already expecting their alerts o… It’s month end… It’s must be the manager” I smiled
Our company workers could be very funny and they love money like kilode!

“Daniel, it’s your call.” My husband announced and Dan stood up to look at him.
“My call?” He asked as he walked doubtfully to the phone

“It’s an international call” He said further
We started walking into the room as I strapped my sleeping baby to my back
He collected the receiver

“Darling Dan”
“Mum?” he almost shouted
“Hold on for your dad dear” we heard and we were awed.

He laughed as tears ran down his face
“That’s my dad. That’s his voice. But you were dead dad! You were dead. Both of you” he exclaimed loudly, obviously happy.
“Where do you stay in Nigeria?”
“Nasarawa State dad”
“Isn’t the Book Haram insurgencies there?”
“No dad”

“OK son. We are coming back home”

“No place like home… Expect us next week by His grace”

“Jesus! This can’t be real. It can’t be!” he cried as we all went down on our knees to pray.
“The Lord that turns Mara into Joy, you are our God, the Lord that answers our cries… You are our God” MY husband started the prayer session as we looked up to the heavens with out hands raised high to him
The End!

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