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Marriage Chronicles - Season 1 - Episode 4
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“Babe, I’ll be back in a minute.”

said Cephas flatly. I smirked as I made my way towards where Rajesh and Anna had headed, meandering through a string of guests. Just as I anticipated, I heard Anna m0an!ng from the guestroom.

“How pathetic,” I mumbled, taking out my phone and putting it on sound recorder so that I could record her m0ans and she and Rajesh made my work easier with all their loud m0ans and shouting, they must have forgotten they were attending a party.

Well I’d decided to help Anna ruin her marriage seeing as that was her sole purpose. Why do I say this? Because no one in their right mind would be banging another man at their friend’s party knowing too well that they were married. That aside, Anna’s constant questions about Rajesh had sold her off. She desperately wanted to f--k him, of this I had been certain and today I’d been proven right.

If there’s one thing I hate most, it’s spouses who cheat. Marriage is sacred and I know this even though am not the religious type but I believe the vows taken during the marriage ceremony should be taken seriously so it really pisses me off to know someone’s cheating on their partner. Take a good look at me, I’d had two strange encounters so far but that hadn’t prompted me to go cheating on Cephas or jumping to conclusions that he was a Satanist. Let’s now take a good look at the ungrateful Anna whose husband was doing all he could so that she could live a comfortable life and she repays him by sleeping with some random guy? Rajesh was gorgeous, this I admit but what Anna was doing was wrong and I know two wrongs don’t make a right but I was willing to go down the path of helping her ruin her marriage cause it seemed that’s what she wanted.

Taking good looks at people, let’s consider my father who took his own life because his partner was no more and then Anna just decides to cheat on William? Awe(no) this was wrong and I wasn’t gonna allow her play such a good man.

For starters, I’d told Rajesh earlier that day, way before the party started, that my best friend Anna liked him very much.

“You sure you just ain’t pulling my leg?”

“Rajesh, I’ve heard you’re a womanizer and here’s a desperate woman on a sliver platter so you either take her or leave her.”

“She married?”
he pursed his lips.


“Just how I like em’,”
he muttered. “But what are you gaining from this?”

“Am just helping out two friends here.”

He snorted. “Yeah right! By encouraging one to cheat on her husband, huh?”

“She’s a year older than me so I believe she knows what she’s getting herself into.”

“You have a point there.”

I smiled in triumph. “But don’t you go telling anyone we’ve had this conversation.”

“That’s a womanly thing to do, Coreen.”

“Then I trust you to prove how manly you’re.”

“Coreen, Rajesh, here you are,”
said Cephas lightly, joining us outside where we were preparing the braii stand. “What are you talking about? And leave that, I’ve hired some people to take care of all this.”

“That’s so thoughtful of you, honey, but Rajesh and I just wanna feel useful. And he was just telling me about the sari and jewelry shops he owns back in Delhi.”

“ own such shops, Rajesh?”

He shrugged. “Yeah, it’s no freaking deal, man.”

And the party commenced and William just had to be called, poor thing. If only he knew how low his precious wife was stooping right now..

Anyway, I recorded enough evidence to incriminate Anna if things were to come to that and left the guestroom premises wearing a huge smile on my face.
It was two days later when I was coming from the doctor’s office for a check up when I saw her or me. She was wearing the same kimono she’d been wearing back in the bathroom the first time I’d seen her and that had been over a month ago.

Today she stood in the middle of the road causing me to hit emergency brakes. My heart was thumping so fast as I watched the blood drenched Kimono clad me stand right in front of my car, in broad daylight!

Somebody hooted behind me. Couldn’t they see the d--n woman?

She turned to leave before I stuck my head out the window and audibly asked, “What do you want from me?”

Her head turned, literally! As in her face faced me while the back of her head faced the other way. She smirked, “You don’t wanna know.”

Her voice was a replica of mine and this alone chilled my bones. She then practically vanished into thin air.

I gasped. “Am hallucinating,” I convinced myself as I revved the engine. “That just didn’t happen.”

In the evening, I was seated on my bed waiting for Cephas to leave the bathroom where he was taking a cold shower and when he finally did, I blurted out, “I saw her.”

“The woman who looks exactly like I do, walks like me and sounds like me when she speaks.”

“Not again, Coreen,”
he sounded agitated. “You know that woman doesn’t even exist!”

“Are you calling me a liar? What exactly is going on, Cephas?”

Shaking his head, he began applying cream on his body. “How am I supposed to know the answer to that question? It’s not as if am the one seeing things, is it?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. So my husband cared less that I was ‘seeing things’, as he phrased it. “Maybe all the assumptions people are making are valid after all.”

Cephas paused. “Meaning?”

“Never mind,”
I covered myself with a duvet. “Switch the light off when you’re done, I need to get some sleep.”

The following day, I brought a pastor home, one I’d just read about on Facebook. Of course Cephas wasn’t home when the pastor came and I warned both the maid and garden boy not to say a word about this to my husband or else they could as well just start looking for new jobs in advance.

“What exactly did you say is the problem?”
asked the pastor as we sat in unison.

I narrated to him what had been going on recently and he frequently shook his head. “This house needs serious prayers,” he finally announced and insisted the maid and garden boy join us in prayer.

As I said earlier, I wasn’t really religious so as the trio prayed, the pastor sprinking holy water in the many corners of the living room, I simply mumbled little words like, “God take that spirit or ghost or whatever she is away from this place, please am begging you.”

It was several minutes into our prayers that the living room door which had been open shut itself tight, with a loud bang.

Everybody froze, the pastor inclusive. And then wind, from no where. The wind was so strong that it blew my weave, sending it flying.

“What’s going on?”
asked my 16 year old garden boy who looked dead scared.

“She’s here,”
I said, shivering.

asked my maid.

her voice! And yet she was no where to be seen.

“Did you hear that?”
I asked the pastor. “It’s her.”
Just then the plasma T.V fell from the wall, falling to the ground and shattering to pieces. The maid screamed, going to hide behind the pastor.

“Who..who are you? What do you want in a house filled with children of God?”

She laughed. “And you call yourself a pastor when just last night you had sex with one of the women in the praise team?” her voice seemed to be resonating from everywhere.

“I..don’t..don’t know what you are talking about you agent of Satan.”

“I have no time for you!”

The four couches rose, high, high, until they touched the ceiling, one even came into contact with the chandelier.

We all stood transfixed on our spots, our heads up, watching the couches which floated in the air for over two minutes before they fell back to the floor, shattering to pieces, almost as if they were made of glass.
She laughed, shrilly. “I’ll be back!”

I looked from the maid to the garden boy and the pastor who had wet his pants, he was clinging to the bible for dear life.

“Am out of here,”
the maid was first to speak. “Madam, you can keep your money which was to be given to me tomorrow. I don’t need it!”

The garden boy left without saying a thing, so did the harassed looking pastor.

I sat on the floor once I was alone and cried, I dialed my grandma’s line while crying, not knowing I was making a mistake I’d live to regret.

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