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Marriage Chronicles - Season 1 - Episode 6
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“ are you doing?”

Am not Coreena but Granny liked calling me that which was kind of annoying but I was too drained right now to worry about what she had called me.

“Am not fine, Granny,” I sniffed. “I think this house is haunted or something.”

“Haunted? How exactly?”

I told her the supernatural happenings I’d experienced thus far.

“And what does your husband have to say about this?”
she asked as soon as I was done telling my tale.

I sniffed, again. “He doesn’t believe me..thinks am hallucinating.”

“Ha! People don’t just hallucinate such bizarre stuff out of the blue, do they now?”

“What are you insinuating?”

“Nothing really.. Something’s just wrong somewhere. You know what? I’ll talk to some witchdoctor so that we can cleanse you cause what you’re telling me sounds dangerously serious.”

I wasn’t really for the idea of paying a witchdoctor a visit but you all know what happened with that facebook pastor so witchdoctor sounded just fine. “Okay..thanks.”

“Take care, I’ll give you feedback as soon as possible.”

“Alright..sleep well.”

“You too.”

I sighed after hanging up, at least someone believed my crazy story. I was still seated on the floor when I heard Cephas drive in, I knew it was him cause he had his own set of keys for the gate and house, so did I.

He walked into the living room and gasped after he saw the shattered T.V and couches.

“What happened here?”

Really? He was asking me such? “Evil me happened,” I hotly said, getting to my feet and giving him one evil glare. “And since you don’t want to believe me when I tell you am seeing a ghost who looks exactly like me, I told someone who believes me.”
“My grandma.”

“That’s all you gonna say? Oh?”
“What else do you want me to say, Coreen?”
he coolly said and shrugged.

I shook my head in disbelief. “So you think I did all this? Got crazy cravings and chewed the couches, right?” I was getting emotional again. “You do know nothing remains hidden forever under the sun, right? Cephas, one way or the other, I’ll find out what exactly is going on here! And I really hope all that people are saying about you isn’t true.”

“You said that the other night too,”
his voice went slightly high. “Tell me, what exactly are these people saying about me? And since you don’t mingle with a lot of people being you, Anna is probably ‘these people’, right?”

“Don’t you drag Anna into this or try to change the subject..You just look around here and figure out what happened or why the maid and garden boy decided to quit work at the same time!”

“The maid and garden boy have quit work?”

“No..this is when they are starting.”
I turned to leave but added, “And oh, you’re a terrible liar, Cephas. I can see you’re hiding something from me and I’ll one day find out what it is, dear husband.”

Saturday came and I hadn’t seen the kimono me version since she went erratic and broke my T.V and couches, not that I wanted to see her again, no.

Grandma had called me the day before saying I go to Kapiri where I’d grown up, as soon as possible and so I decided Saturday was perfect. Of course Cephas was all gloomy last night when I informed him. “Do you really have to go?”

I had lied to him saying I just wanted to pay Granny a visit. “Yes, Darling.”

“But I thought we agreed we’d go together this month end, what changed?”

I snuggled up to him in bed. “Should be my hormones, am really home sick. But don’t worry, I’ll be back by Monday.”

“There’s no convincing you otherwise, is there?”


He heavily exhaled and kissed me on the lips. “Okay..Do what your heart yearns. Am gonna miss you.”

“Me more..”
I seductively whispered, climbing atop him and unbuttoning his shirt. “Let me just show you how much I’ll miss you.”

“Mmmh..I like where this is heading.”

“Am glad,”
I softly bit his n----e, causing him to m0an. “We’ll do this my way tonight.”

Cephas burst out lauging and raised his arms in surrender. “Yes ma’am, you can even chain me to the bed if you like.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

We both laughed before getting down to serious business. You want details? Nah, am not in the mood.

So today, I wore a white dress which had one slit that ran from ankle to thigh on my right leg, black sandals, applied a touch of make up and packed a few necessities in the handbag Cephas had ordered from China as my birthday present. I sat on the bed after doing my hair and dialed Anna’s line so that I could inform her I was going out of town.

“Safe journey, boo. As for me am chilling at some exotic lodge with my husband.”

“Am happy for you,”
I honestly was though I felt like confronting her about the cheating part but I just let it slide. Her ruining her marriage was her own business and stick my nose in other people’s business I wasn’t going to do for the time being cause I had problems of my own to solve. When I was done talking to Anna, I played the audio recording for the millionth time in the past week and couldn’t believe a married woman could stop so low. Part of me wanted to delete the video but inner me won so I kept it, just looked it in the audio vault though, ‘Lock It’ things.

Cephas was out running some errands so I locked up and went to the nearest taxi rank to get on a taxi going to town where I’d board a bus to Ndola but I’d drop off in Kapiri.

I would have driven myself there, I’d done this before but remember I was seeing ‘Kimono me’, that’s what I’ve decided to call the ghost or whatever she is, so it was better I travelled with a lot of people. My intuition told me I would be safer this way.

I was in Kapiri approximately three hours forty minutes later and Granny was thrilled to see me.

She came to pick me up from the station and couldn’t stop talking about how nice I looked. She then told me about Gwen who’d paid her a visit just the previous week. I wasn’t really listening cause Gwen and I had never really been the best of friends even though we grew up under the same roof. She was just this church girl and church people aren’t really my thing so..we were immiscible in short, incompatible if you like. She was now married to a doctor in the Copperbelt and she herself was a nurse at a different hospital. She and her husband had two kids together, first a boy then a girl.
Now Granny was saying, “Did she tell you she’s expecting?”

I couldn’t hide my shock. “Doesn’t she know about family planning? And to think that her husband is a doctor,” I laughed. “How ironic!” to change the topic as we trekked, I said, “Sorry for coming empty handed, wasn’t really in the mood for shopping today.”

“It’s fine, Coreena. You and Gwen do a lot for me so I can’t complain.”
she went ahead and told me about the witchdoctor and how she(the witchdoctor)thought I was seeing a ghost which had a bone to pick with my husband.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit weird? If she has a bone to pick with Cephas then why torment me and not him?”

“I told her the same,”
said Granny with a shrug. “Anyway, the woman is really good at what she does so we’ll just have to hear what she has to say when we go to her shrine tonight.”

Did she just say shrine? Okay I was officially into juju now. What a bad joke that is seeing as my husband was being suspected almost by the whole town of being a Satanist.

Wait until I prove them wrong, I slyly thought. Especially that adulterous Anna, Ha!

The walk from the station to home took 20 minutes and I was already feeling tired when we arrived so I just sat on the sofas Gwen had bought for Granny.

“Let me just ease myself outside,”
said Granny after she’d taken my bag to my old room, the room that I’d shared with Gwen. “We’ll come talk about what’s been happening in that your house back in PHI.”


I was thinking about renovating Granny’s house so that it could be self contained, when I felt the weird vibe. And I knew.

Like someone who had sat on a sharp pin, I leaped to my feet and headed for the door which shut in my face. There was no use trying to open it.

The wind came next and the curtains began blowing, flying, up and down. The cupboard in the kitchen was vigorously shaking causing the contents to noisily rattle.

I closed my eyes and turned just to find the Kimono me standing right in front of me, this time it was her feet which were facing the wrong way. As in, her toes were facing where her heels are supposed to face and vice versa. Seemed she really wanted to prove a point here.

“Wh..Wh..what do you want from me?”

her voice echoed from all corners..everything..everythin

“Everything? I don’t even know you!”

“But your husband knows me.”

knows me..knows me..knows mee.

“Then why don’t you f-----g show yourself to him? Why punish me for his sins?”

“Because he loves you,”
she shrieked with laughter. “And hurting you is the best revenge!” revenge..revenge..revenge!

“How do you mean?”

“Coreena! Coreena? Open the door weh, who looks themselves inside the house in broad day light sure”

“Its not me, Granny,”
I desperately called. “She’s here. it’s her, the ghost b---h!”

Where I got the courage to say such about a ghost, in her presence, I don’t know.

Granny was banging on the door.

“She can’t hear you,” Kimono me whispered. “I’ve done some sort of cloaking spell. You won’t understand, really.”

Her voice was chilling but I had to ask her. “Why don’t you make me understand why you loathe Cephas instead?”

“Don’t try your luck!”
she pointed a finger at me, her toenails in place of her fingernails. “I have a present and message for Ceph Donut.”

everything echoed once more, the kind of echoes you hear when you stand inside a vacant chapel or hall and speak.

“Ceph Donut?”

“Just call him that and he’ll know. The message, tell him I’ll slowly take back everything that he took from me. And secondly, here’s the present!”

“The present?”
there was something ominous about the way she said ‘the present.’

She laughed, like a deranged woman, and then formed a fist with her right hand, twisting it in mid air.

My womb exploded with pain..blood was immediately gushing out my womanhood, soaking my white dress. And then what I supposed was my baby(which was just a clot of thick dark blood) came out too and floated towards Kimono me who grabbed it in her hands, licked the clot for a while and swallowed it whole. Amidst the agonising pain, I threw up and when I looked back up, Kimono me was gone but my blood wasn’t. I had lost my baby. I was reaching for the doorknob when I lost consciousness and fell on the floor like a log…

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