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Marriage Chronicles - Season 1 - Episode 7
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“Teddy bear, you’re crying?”
Rajesh sympathetically asked me, wrapping the towel back round his waist and sitting beside me. “Who called you and what did they tell you which left you this distraught?”

“It’s Coreen,”
I sobbed. “Not that she’s the one who- who called, no. Am just from talking to Cephas who says Coreen is in Kabwe General Hospital and is unconscious..” I buried my head in his chest, inhaling his heavenly perfumed shower gel. “She miscarried, Raj.”

he gasped and raked a finger through my now natural hair. “How?”

“Cephas couldn’t spe-speak-clearly cause-”
I couldn’t continue talking, the lump that developed in my throat saw to it that my voice just cracked.

“Sssh, Coreen will be fine.”

Will she? I inwardly asked myself.

When topics for discussion were scarce, mum had told me about the pain of miscarriage, you never get used to it. And what hurt me so much in Coreen’s case was that she had taken so long to fall pregnant just for her to miscarry in her third month? This wasn’t fair at all.

Once I was done crying, I grabbed my purse and stood. “Where can I wash my face from?”

Raj showed me the bathroom where I washed my face and applied a touch of make up.

“I’ll take my leave,”
I abruptly announced once I was out of the bathroom.
Raj was almost fully dressed. “So soon? What happened to Coreen is really sorry.”

I smiled, sadly. “See you around, Rajesh.”

“See you, Anna.”

I reached the door when he said, “Wait.”
He came up to me and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Take care, Anna.”

“You too.”

I was drained when I arrived home, just to find the house locked. I sighed as I went to the spot where Willy and I usually hid the keys. I flipped the block over and was glad to find them keys.

I found a note waiting for me on the table once inside the house.

‘Hey, I received a call from Lady Valerie and I didn’t wanna disturb you thus the note.
Don’t know what time I’ll come back so don’t wait for me. There’s Pizza in the fridge. Love you.

Your Darling Husband, Willy.’

I was accustomed to this already so I just took off my wedge shoes and sat on the couch, tears falling as I texted William informing him of what had just happened to Coreen.
In the evening, Cephas called me again to inform me Coreen had been transferred to a private hospital in Lusaka so I grabbed my purse and jumped on a taxi to the hospital.

“Where’s she?”
I asked Cephas who was waiting for me in the waiting area.

“She’s in a ward..lost the baby but the doctors are unable to explain the cause of the miscarriage.”

“Don’t you think that’s strange?”
I was mocking him.

He didn’t seem fazed though. “What’s strange is Coreen just visits her grandmother and this happens? No wonder I really don’t like that woman. Back in Kabwe, she insisted on coming with me here but I told her I’d take care of Coreen on my own. Besides, you’re here too. This is the ward,” he opened the door. “She’s sedated.”

We entered the ward and I sat by Coreen’s side, watching her as tears streamed down my cheeks. No one deserves to experience such a traumatizing thing. I hated to even imagine myself in her shoes for a simple millisecond.

Coreen came to several minutes after Cephas and I entered the ward.

“Kimono me!”
she bolted upright, sitting. “She killed my baby. Says she wants revenge from Cephas..she..she was there. I saw her!”

What she was saying wasn’t making any sense to me. Cephas on the other hand hurriedly hugged her. “ must have been having a terrible nightmare, honey. You’re in the hospital but you’ll be perfectly fine.”

she kept on shaking her head as tears fell. “She said she’ll take everything from you, Cephas. She wants revenge for what you did to her..”

Cephas and I asked in unison.
Coreen looked at me. “Kimono me, Anna. She’s dangerous, has powers and makes things fly around. She literally s----d my baby outta me.”

Okay mum had mentioned miscarriage is traumatizing but Coreen had probably lost it and this made me burst into tears. I couldn’t sit there and listen to all the bizarre stuff she was saying so I just stood and rushed out of the room, covering my mouth so as to stifle my sobs.

A team of doctors and nurses then rushed past me when they heard Coreen’s screams. I cried more as they fought with her so that they could sedate her. It was then that I realised how much I loved my friend and that I just wanted her to get well soon.

Sunday morning, I prepared breakfast for her and took it to the hospital. William had called me late the previous night saying he was on his way to Livingstone for some business meeting and would only be back by Tuesday. I’d heard all this so many times already so all I’d said was, “Wishing you all the best in your endeavour.”

“Thank you. I love you.”

I paused. “I love you too.”

He briefly asked how Coreen was doing and I told him she was still in denial, whatever made me say that, I don’t know.

Anyway, Coreen wasn’t saying weird stuff that morning but there was still something off about how she had suddenly lost her baby. According to her, she’d gone to the toilet to pee when the blood started gushing out and led to the miscarriage. If you ask me, Cephas had a hand in this, my sixth sense was literally screaming this at me.

In the afternoon, I was home taking a nap when Rajesh called. For a minute I wanted to ask him where he got my line from but I remembered I had called him the previous day.

“You have plans this evening?”
he asked. “Is your husband around?”

“Which question do you want me to answer first, Raj?”

he chuckled.

I told him William was out of town and I had no plans for that evening so he suggested we hook up at Arcades. We hooked up three hours later after I was well dressed and all the fuss just for him to buy a lot of popcorn and drive me to his hotel room. Like really?

“There’s a movie I want us to watch,”
he said to me when we were behind closed doors. He ushered me to the comfy couch and handed me glasses. “In 3D.”

“Sounds fun,”
I got the glasses and put them on.

He put on his own too and joined me as the movie begun. Now let me tell you about the movie he selected, ‘Addicted.’

The storyline kinda goes like this.. Zoe is a happily married working class lady with two kids but is addicted to sex so she cheats on her husband with a Mexican hunk and also has a one night stand with some random guy in a bar. The bottom line is she was cheating on her husband! Just like me! Well, screw the movie and Raj for trying to play mind games with me.

When the movie ended, Raj switched off the T.V and said to me, “Remember I wrote on my business card that I’ve got skills to show you? Let me start now.” he leaned in and kissed me, I kissed him back.

Unlike the first time, Raj was sweet as he took the time to toy with my body to the extent of me being so wet down there that I feared I was going to drench the leather couch.

He finally entered me right there on the couch, slowly and gently. What he did today was make love to me, not f--k me. He rode me so well that I felt feelings I’d never felt in the 28 years I’d spent on this earth. He made me look down on the slow love making sessions Willy and I had had.

This one was..intense. So, I cheated on my husband for the second time and was I feeling guilty? Hell no! Who even knew what he was doing in Livingstone right now or if he was there in the first place? What am trying to point out is William had put his job first, making me feel lonely and sidelined. To all the men out there, never prioritize your jobs over your wives, you’ll regret! Women like to be pampered and taken perfect care of lest some of them, like me, go looking for solace in other men’s arms.

Time flew, four months past and Willy still wasn’t aware that I was cheating on him. He was seriously dumber than I’d gauged him. So my life had been fun the past four months, my job, my charade of a marriage with Willy, my sex escapades with Rajesh Sharma, in bed, in the shower, on the floor, pool table in a night club, in his car, in his office, you name a place where we hadn’t had sex from cause I’ve honestly lost count.

And my dear Coreen, she was back to her husband’s house. What she saw in that man, I don’t know. Surely she couldn’t tell that he was a Satanist or maybe she knew but knowing her, she was too concerned about what people would say if she walked out of her marriage. Her and I talked from time to time and I could tell she wasn’t her usual self but since she wasn’t ready to disclose a thing to me, I let her be.

Back to my Raj. Did I tell you he had a dark side? No? I also didn’t know. But he had a dark side, one that made me question what I’d gotten myself into by getting involved with him.


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