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Marriage Chronicles - Season 1 - Episode 9
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The first time he gave me a hint on his dark side, I’d thought it was the booze we’d taken earlier that evening, working.

It was three months into our sex escapades when one evening I went over to Raj’s apartment in Rhodes Park, William was out of town as usual.

Raj took me out and we drank some alcohol before heading right back to his apartment where we started making out on the porch as he fumbled for his house keys in his pockets. By the time we were inside the house, we were half naked.

“sU-Ck my c--k,” said Raj hoarsely, as h---y as h---y can get.

“Excuse me?” the mere thought of the act disgusted me. I’d never given anyone a b-----b in my life and I wasn’t about to start now, that’s what I thought.

He pushed me to my knees and took off his boxers. “You heard me right, teddy bear.”

“Am so sorry, Raj, I don’t give blowjobs.”

“You’re joking, right?”

I ignored him and stood, reaching for his manhood. “I can use my hands if you like.”

“No, Anna,”
he was so stern. “You either sU-Ck my c--k or no sex for you tonight.”
I couldn’t believe my ears. Some people really had nerves. Not wanting to do as he said, I grabbed my clothes and was contemplating getting dressed when Rajesh wrapped a hand round my neck and choked me.

“B---h, I don’t like it when I tell someone to do something for me and they don’t.”

“And I don’t like doing what I don’t like,”
I retorted. “If you know what I mean! Now let go of me you son of a b---h!”

He slowly let me go and sat down, looking disappointed beyond measure.

“Am sorry, didn’t mean to choke you. Um..I think you should leave.”

And my horniness made me stay so I gave Raj his b-----b and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Back to the present, I was at work that fateful Wednesday afternoon when I decided to take some documents to the second floor(I worked from the 7th floor by the way). That day it so happened that my boss Mr. Soko and I took the same elevator, it was just the two of us in the elevator.

“How’s work today?”
he casually asked.

Couldn’t he have asked me that just a few minutes ago when I’d taken some documents to his office so he could sign? Anyway, trust him to always find an excuse to talk to me.

“It’s not very occupied so..yeah.”

He was about to say something but stopped short when the elevator froze on the fifth floor, the lights blinking on and off.

“What’s going on?”

He first pressed the ‘down’ button before replying. “I think there’s a power cut. No, we’ve got generators for that. Should be some mechanical fault, I think.”
Mechanical fault? And he sounded so calm? I wasn’t calm, not at all. Not after all the horrific elevator stories I’d heard or watched or read about so far.

“What will we do, sir?”

“Don’t panic cause this has happened before. Let me just make some calls..”
he reached for his phone in his pockets and then loudly cussed, “S--t!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I left my phone in my office, sorry.”

I muttered, cowering into a corner.

One minute passed, and then two, then three. Ten.

The air in the box, as I saw the inside of an elevator, was beginning to finish, literally. I was sweating and panting like someone who had run a marathon.

“Are you alright, Anna?”

Do I look alright to you? But I said, “It’s just too hot in here such that am finding it hard to breathe.”

“Take off your jacket.”


“You need air, Anna,”
he helped me take off my jacket and suggested I unbutton my blouse to pave way for some fresh air, as if there was any air in the elevator. I finally did when the heat threatened to drive me crazy.

“We’ll be out very soon,”
he assured me. “The elevator is being fixed as we speak..”

“What if we’re dead by the time the fault is dealt with?”

He rested an arm on my shoulder. “Always think positively, Anna.”

Talking of possibility, the elevator began descending right then and I breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God!”

“You claustrophobic?”
my boss asked me.


“It’s a phobia of enclosed spaces..Do you have it?”

I shook my head.

It was after the elevator was open when my heart fully settled in and I put my jacket back on, I’d already buttoned my blouse though lest people conclude.. I wiped my sweaty face with a serviette and continued with business.

Two hours later, I was knocking off when I stumbled upon a crashed bouquet of roses.

“Who crashes such beautiful flowers?”
I wondered. “Odd.”

When I arrived home, William was on his way out. He hadn’t gone for work that day.

My husband kissed me on the lips. “Am going out to watch soccer and hang out with some friends over beer. Take care.”

“You too.”

After I was settled, I decided I wasn’t gonna stay home like the good wife that I wasn’t. This was an opportunity to have me some Rajesh whom I hadn’t had for over a week. Wanting to surprise him, I bothered not call him and went straight to his apartment where I found the door ajar.


“Go away!”
came the response from his bedroom. “Go the f--k away you s--t!”

He probably thinks its someone else who’s come, I convinced myself so I went right ahead to his room where I found him drunk, several empty bottles of liquor lying on the floor and a bottle of semi consumed beer in his grip.

“Raj? What’s going on?”

He stood, staggering, and stood right before me. “You’re just like Zoe from Addicted,aren’t you? No d--k can ever quench your thirst for sex, am I right?”

“Where is all this coming from?”

“Its coming from you giving your boss a quicky inside an elevator.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Raj.”

“Of course she denies everything..No one ever accepts!”
he threw the bottle past my shoulder and it hit the door, shattering and spilling all its contents.

“You’re drunk,”
I said as I reached for his hand.

“I wasn’t drunk when I saw you emerge from that elevator with your jacket off and you sweating like a pig!”

“What are-”
it dawned on me.

“You came to my workplace today?”

“Yeah, dummy!”
he was yelling.

I shook my head in disbelief. “And you go concluding like that?” I couldn’t hold the laughter. “You misunderstood the situation, Raj. Let me explain.”

“I don’t got time for lousy explanations..a
ll I know is you’re a w---e. A relentless f-----g b---h!”

“Whoa..whoa..whoa! Watch your tongue, man!”

“The truth hurts, Anna. You’re a certified prostitute..hule as you people say, no two ways about it.”

He was drunk and I was sober but there was no way I was going to stand there and let him insult me. “Its your mother who’s all the nasty stuff you’ve just called me, Rajesh Sharma! After all you’re a product of fornication!”

“What did you just say?”

“What you just heard!”
I turned to leave when he grabbed my arm and smacked me hard across the face.

“I’ll show you what am made of,”
he hissed, slapping me countless times and pushing me to the bed. “Nobody says anything nasty about my queen and goes Scot free you adulterous pompous s--t!!!”

I couldn’t overpower him in-spite of his drunkenness so he beat me, black and blue.
I had broken ribs, a black eye, a split lip and split forehead by the time he was done with me.

I lay on the bed for minutes after Rajesh left, wincing and sobbing. I finally mustered some energy to drag myself out of the house and jump on a taxi to the hospital where I lied that I’d been attacked so that they could offer me treatment. It was whilst in the hospital that I received the news.

The male doctor sympathetically peered down at me and said, “It’s really a miracle that nothing bad happened to your baby.”

“My what now?”

“Your baby..Don’t tell me you weren’t aware? Mrs. Anna Mumba Njapau, you’re five weeks pregnant.”

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