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Master Planner (Life as a virgin) - Season 1 - Episode 10
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….Do it now, do it, he will be of help to you.(The voice in my mind was saying to me)….”I guess i will do it, i hope he will be of help to me” I said
“Hello….Good evening, its Queen calling”

“Queen….Hi, how are you, this one that you are calling me at this hour, i hope all is well?”

“All is not well sir…Sir, i really need to see you, its bout life and death and my life is at stake here”
I said to him

“Are you serious about what you just told me?”

“Yes sir i am….I am very very serious bout it sir”
I replied

“Okay…erm, can you come down to my hostel, i think you know where i live?”

“Yes sir i do. Its bout 15mins walk. I will be there now”

“Good….i will be waiting”
He said

“Alright Sir. Thank you”

Oh Lord, if truly he is the one to help me, may your will be done. Quickly i dashed out from my room, searching around to look if i would sight any of them (White Angels).

I was scared, i knew its now or never. I don’t wanna join them, i don’t need any of this, worldly gains doesn’t last, All i want is to be a successful person in this life and here i am, caught in the middle, a choice to make, good or bad. I trust my God, he will never let me fall to my ruin, he will deliver me from the hands of the enemies…

=Few Minutes Later=


“This is really serious and we really need to do something bout it fast”

“Yes i know…but what do we do now”
I said

(He heaved a sigh)…”Am trying to figure it out now. I am thinking of an idea now”

“Please do fast sir, i don’t have much time on me now…moreover they might start calling me now because they have my number”

“Who have your number?”
He asked me

“My friend Tonia”…I replied him

“Don’t be scared dear, God will find a solution for us, okay”

“Okay…I pray so”

(Just then, my phone rang, it was no other person than Tonia- Tonia my number one enemy, i will never forgive her for putting me into this mess)

“Sir, my phone is ringing, what do i do now? Should i pick it?”
I asked him

“No…don’t pick it. Ignore them”

“Okay sir, i will”
I said to him, visibly shaking and fearing for my dear life.
(Tonia kept on calling me, but i continuously ignored her calls, then she sent me a text message which read; “Smart one Queen, you may have escaped the battle but you won’t escape the war. We are at your hostel now, come back now or you regret it. Remember, you can’t run forever, i will definitely find you. Tonia….)
“Don’t worry about the text, it means nothing. Don’t be afraid, i have a plan”

‘Tell me sir…i asked in anticipation…

.”What is the plan”

“My Uncle is a senior lecturer here and he is well connected. We will pay him a visit tomorrow, be rest assure that we will get to the root of this matter”
He said

“Oh may the lord be praised…thank you sir, thank you very much, My God will surely repay you”

“Amen….just relax dear, God is already in control. You will have to sleep here tonight, you can lie on the bed while i lie on the floor. Just relax dear, all will be well, trust me. Good night”

“Good night sir”
i said to him

== The Next Day ==

“Good morning Uncle”

“Good morning David…how are you doing?”

“Very well sir”….

“Have your seat Son. Who is she?”
His Uncle asked
“Erm Uncle, she is my friend, Sister Queen. We are in the same fellowship”

“Very good…Sister Queen, how are you doing?’

“Am fine sir”…..
I replied him

“So David, what brings you to my office this morning?’
His uncle asked

“Sir, its a matter of life and death. Queen here will be in a better condition to tell you everything”

“Alright Queen…go ahead, am all ears”

“Thank you sir…here is my story”


Question for tonight.

Will Queen finally be a Member of White Angel or will she fight them off???.

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