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Master Planner (Life as a virgin) - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Aunty Grace: “Queen…what is this condom doing in your bag?”

“Go on, defend yourself. Prostitute!”

Aunty Grace:
“Will you shut up Amara! I wasn’t talking to you, Queen, i demand an explanation for this nonsense right now?”

(Total disbelief, surprised and in shock)

Amara: “Are you not the one that mummy is talking to?”

“I, am, a, am equally shocked myself. I, i, i, i, i don’t understand what is going on. (Then she goes down on her knees)…Aunty believe me, i have no idea about what is going on here. This is a big set up i swear, please believe me”

Aunty Grace: “Set up…who is trying to set you up in this house? Me? Amara? Or her siblings? Who then, who?” She said Angrily

“Aunty believe me i am innocent. Lord knows i will never try such a thing, besides you are like a mother to me”

“Which mother? Who is your mother? Prostitute like you! Mtchew”

(I stood up and faced Amara)….”Look Amara, enough of your silly games. You have overstepped your limit, i won’t tolerate any more from you. Why this black-mail”

“See you…you want to divert attention to me, well my dear, you have failed already…mummy, what are you waiting for, please call the police for her. She is a thief and a prostitute”

Aunty Grace:
(Disgusted)…”Queen, you disappoint me. I am really ashamed of you, why do this to me”

(Breaks down in tears)

Aunty Grace:
“I took you as my own, sent you to school, pay your school fees and other necessary things…And what what do i get in return! Betrayal! If not for one thing, i won’t hesitate to put you behind bars but for the love that i have for you, i leave all in God’s hands. You can have all the money, i don’t need them anymore. God will surely provide another one for me. If Two hundred thousand (200,000) naira is your problem, i hope its really solves all your problems. As you lay your bed, that is how you lie on it. I won’t say anymore”
(She storms out of the bedroom leaving Me and Amara)

“ouch! Does it hurt?” (She said, making mockery of me)

“Are you happy now? Have you seen what you have caused?”

Amara: “I never intend to harm you but you left me with no choice. Having you in this house is going to spoil a lot of things- like having Sex with my man. Girl you really spoiled my fun and i can’t tolerate another misfortune. Nah, God forbid, so i figure out a plan and guess what; It worked perfectly. Clap for me please”

“Now that you have tarnished my image and ruin me for good, may the good lord who i serve judge you forever. Don’t worry, i am leaving this house for you, hope you will find peace, that is if the lord permit”

“Why not leave now…every time mum will be like Queen this, Queen that….haba, are you the only Queen here on earth. Because of you, i have lost my motherly love and now, i badly need them.
(Then she waved to me saying)….Au revoir Queen, see you in hell”
(She left the room leaving me all alone)

(In tears)….”Oh lord, why me, why me! She is my only source of hope, she took me in and fed me, why do you let ruin to come upon me? Why do you let my enemies to mock and laugh at me? Is it a crime to serve you? Tell me lord, tell me My father”
(I was crying uncontrollable)

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