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Master Planner (Life as a virgin) - Season 1 - Episode 3
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“After i finished writing my senior waec, i left Anambra for Abuja where my uncle reside in order to spend sometime with his family, my uncle was working with the minister of education in the federal ministry and he was also a senior lecturer. Then i was innocent, young and i was only 17…At first he was caring and loving but then i started noticing an unusual behaviour about him, he always wink his eye whenever we came in contact but i didn’t take it serious. Then one day”…
(Tonia paused, her eyes were blinking, tears were rolling down her cheeks)

“Don’t worry, if you can’t continued, i clearly understand you”…
I said to her

“I have started it so i will finished it”…
She said, wiping the tears that were already forming in her eyes.

“Alright then, go on, am listening”.

“Then one day when nobody was around, my uncle came home early from work, i was surprise to see him so i greeted him and ask why he was home early. He stared at me lustfully and asked me to come nearer to him which i did..He started telling me how much he loves me and how he planned to take care of me if only i will give in to him. I was shocked, i never expected such words from him, i told him that i appreciate that he cares for me but that he is my uncle and its totally wrong for me to sleep with me,,,Just then he snapped, telling me if i will be the one to tell him between right and wrong, then he calm down a bit and asked me how much i needed and that he will give me any amount that i want”…

“I can’t believe this…did he take you for a cheap w---e or what?”…
I asked tonia

“My dear, i don’t know…after i refused his advances, he swiftly held me and drag me to his bedroom, he raped me, my uncle raped me and took away my VIRGINITY… I was devastated, i felt like committing suicide then, i wanted to end my miserable life”…
(She said, crying uncontrollably)

…..I was really touched by her story, i felt pity on her. Gradually tears were forming in my eyes but i manage to with-hold it.

Then she continued…” After that incident, he never stopped raping me, he continued raping me day and night until i was fed up and i decided to take laws into my head. Around 11pm i in the night, he came to my room for his daily routine but unknown to him i was with a kitchen knife under my pillow, he came over to me, trying to lay down with me but i resisted him and before i knew it, i stabbed him with the knife”…

“Did he die?”
I asked her

“No, he survived it”

“Gosh, how i wished he died,What a shameless man. So what next?”

“I was scared, so i let out a scream and woke everyone up…quickly he was rushed to the hospital and luckily he survived it. To cut the story short, no one believed me and i was taken back to Anambra state where i was subjected to humiliation. My age mates throw tantrum at me, calling me all sort of names but i didn’t care about it, i will determined to survive at all cost. So you see, when i see other girls insulting their fellow girls, calling them names; it pains me a lot because they don’t know what those girls have been to”

“Such is life”…
I said

“Yea, such is life…being a VIRGIN is a pride of every woman but once that pride is taken away from you, everyone calls you names instead of trying to find out the real truth, that is why i hate VIRGINS very much”…She said, with a deep frown on her face

“Don’t say that…not being a VIRGIN does not mean that you will not enjoy the benefits of life, to me, being a VIRGIN is just a privilege. So tell me, how old are you?”

“Am 21″…
She replied me

“Wow…you are still a small girl but you look way too matured for your age”

“I know, people always said that. I have to go now Queen, thanks for accommodating me. See you later, bye”…

“Alright, bye Tonia. See you later”….

I thank God for my life, the worst that can ever happen to me is to be raped by a man, Tonia is only 21 and she is no longer a Virgin, and here i am, 24 and still a Virgin…Lord i thank you for my life, may i never be a victim of RAPE…

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