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Master Planner (Life as a virgin) - Season 1 - Episode 5
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Tonia came into my room at exactly 9:30pm, wearing a short sexy gown, looking very hot and sexy…Oh my God, why did she dress like that, well, i must admit that i really admire her gown.

“You look gorgeous”….I said to her

“Thanks Queen, so are you ready for the party?”


“Don’t be silly girl! Don’t tell me that you are attending this party dressed like this?”

“And what is wrong with my dress?”
I replied her

“Cmon gurl, its old fashion, we are in a new era and you are meant to look hot not dress like a reverend sister…Come on girl, find something else to wear”….

I stood there, staring at her with many thoughts running through my mind.

“Forget it Tonia, its best you go alone, after all i have never attended a late party before”

“Awwwn baby girl, are you angry at me now, i was only showing concern,,, Cmon forget it, you look cute. Seriously you really look Okay”

“Thanks Tonia…We should get going now”

“Yea, we should get going now”

* 35 Minutes Later*

Lo and behold, we arrived at the said party, the music were very loud, the DJ was blowing the hell out of the exciting student who party like there’s no tomorrow. Tonia took me around, introducing me to her friends who to me all looked like a prostitute or something…

“So tell me Tonia, is this our new catch?”
A friend of hers who go by the name T-Baby said to her

“Not yet! I brought her here to show her how things are being done around here”

“Feel relaxed baby girl, no one is gonna harm you”
T-Baby said

“Thanks, am very grateful”
I replied

“See you later girls”

“See you too sweetie”
Said Tonia

“This place is so noisy, i can’t even hear properly”

“Sorry bout that, come with me, lemme take you inside so that you won’t be affected by the noise”…
Said Tonia

“Alright, lets go”
“Here we are, please feel free. Is there anything that you need?”

“Nothing, am okay for now”
I replied her

“Cmon girl, don’t be shy, place an order and you shall get it right now”

“Nothing for now but when i need, i won’t hesitate to let you know bout it”

“Okay if you insist, i won’t force you”

“I insist”….
I answered her

“Alright…i will be with you later Queen, lemme quickly attend to something urgently, be right back please”

“Don’t keep me waiting please”

“I won’t, i promise. Later baby girl”


I sat on a chair, trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening around my surrounding, i could see boys and girls chatting, laughing, drinking and smoking,,,The smoke from the cigarette nearly choked me to death, oh i hate this place, why did i even come here…after few minutes, i noticed that i was pressed and decided to go make use of the toilet, getting here, my sight behold what to me felt like a disgusting thing, a taboo, I opened the door to the first toilet and i saw two girls making out, as in a l£sb!an thing… Gosh, i was irritated, i left their presence, still pressed and needing to ease myself, quickly i dashed out to the male’s toilet, The sound of the ongoing music was so loud that i could hear it in the toilet. As i opened the door to the male toilet, Lo and Behind, i saw Tonia being smashed by a hefty guy, i was surprised and in shock!

“To, Tonia”….


“Who is she to you and why did she barged in just like that?”

“She is my friend”….Tonia replied him.

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