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Me And Abimbola - Season 1 - Episode 18
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I told Bb that am off to the bank which she replied me to be fast. I went outside and wave hand for a bike man to take me to Ttech house for another plan on how to discharge Bblondon… On getting there, I met his door open so I decided to enter without nocking.

I looked around the parlor only to find some undies on top the sit. I decided to ignore them because that’s not what brought me there.

I Walk close to Ttech room and decided to knock.

Ttech: who is that ( with a strong voice)
Me: is me jor
Ttech: rely
Me: werae, come out please
Tech came out and we gist small which he told me about the undies on the parlor but that was not my problem at that time.
Me: Ttech please, all this is not my problem, I came here because of Bblondon
Ttech: OK, she want to leave right?
Me: yes, and you said I shouldn’t settle her
Ttech: yes, the way am seeing that girl, she must be a prostitute.
Me: haaa, I don’t think so, that girl must be a good girl, I think she loves me. And am beginning to have strong feelings for her
Ttech: feelings kee, u done f--k up be that
Me: what do you mean?
Ttech: do you think you are the only one bleeping her?
Me: how will I know, please just tell me how to discharge her.
Ttech: you will stay here till 10 o’clock and you will off your phone so she won’t get you if she call
Me: aaah Ttech that’s wickedness nah. Lets just pity her nah. If it is 3k let give her. You know she does not have any money with her.
Ttech: forget this your rubbish feelings. Who told you she does not have any money with her. She just want to chop your money and run away.

Me: Ttech my conscience is disturbing me. This thing we want to do is not good. Beside Bblondon is a good girl. Come and see the food she prepare for me.
Ttech: guy stop this, later now you will say I didn’t tell you
Me: OK boss, were is you system? Let me flog you small

We both entered inside. I switched my phone off immediately and Ttech launch the FIFA game. We played about 3 rounds when a fair lady, tall with well packaged asset entered with two plates of food. I don’t need someone to tell me that she is the owner of the undies. (*** chaiii Ttech is a bad guru. See the kind girl he dey carry. He must have bleep this one to death***). She dropped the food on the table and informed us about the food. We paused our game to eat the food. I was eaten the food but my mind was busy thinking about Bblondon.(*** I felt very bad on this whole thing we are about to do, how will she go home now? And she will see me as a bad guy. God, am beginning to love this girl. But Ttech will never buy my idea on this issue, what will I do now***) I was still lost in thought when Ttech phone rang and it was Bblondon. He picked it and set it on loudspeaker
Ttech: hello iyawo paddy me
Bb: just help and tell him that he try because I no he is with you.
Ttech: are you still in his place? You haven’t gone home
Bb: don’t pretend as if you don’t know, because I know it was you people plan since yesterday. Instead of him to give me transport fare, he is playing me like a kid. If I am with any money, I wouldn’t have ask him anything. Just tell him that am about to live his house now.
Ttech: how will you get to your place. please wait for him, may something is holding him there. don’t go like that please
Bb: if is to beg for T.F in the bus stop I don’t mind.

She hanged up. Immediately I had her last statement tears dropped out from my eyes.

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