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Me And Abimbola - Season 1 - Episode 23
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please ma, am I positive or negative?

bro calm down let her finish talking…

Lady: Remember! Practice safer s-x. Do not share needles/syringes/drug equipment. If you do share needles, clean them with bleach every time before you use them. Here is your result.

She handed the envelop to me. All my body was shaking, tunji was busy robbing my chest that I should calm down. I made up my mind to open the envelop. I brought out the result “lol and behold” I tested negative. I jump on my feet and hug Ttech. Out of joy and happiness, I move closer to the lady and gave her a tight hug. I notice she was pulling her self back but I never mind

Lady: you tested negative today doesn’t mean u will tomorrow, make sure you use protection whenever you want to have inter course with anybody.

OK ma, thanks a lot

you are welcome dear

Me: ( give Ttech sign that we should go out side)

Ttech: thank you ma, good night Me and Ttech found our way out side the LAB. I was very very much excited, I decided to buy some drink for my master planner. Opposite us was a small bar, so we headed straight to that bar, Ttech ordered for smenuf drink while I ordered for yoghurt because my head doesn’t carry alcohol. As we were drinking and sipping our pepper soup simultaneously the thought of the LAB lady pop into my mind.

Me: Ttech baba,l thankGod ooo

Ttech: for what?

Me: for not been positive nah, do u know the implication?

Ttech: eeeh highest you know go bleep again

Me: your father, nah you know go bleep again

Ttech: better don’t fu-Ckup again ooo, make sure you use condom anytime any day.

Me: yes sir, but come to think of it ooo I want to collect that LAB lady number ooo

Ttech: (raise eye bow) why?

Me: don’t you see those thing on her back and front

Ttech: I know that’s why you were hugging her like that. See let me tell you, she is married ooo, her husband will just use you and do pepper soup.

Me: taaaah, he no fit, who dash monkey banana… We talked and laugh together till around 9:20pm before we decided to branch at DE DEM’S opposite SOBO bus stop shasha. On getting there, show was just starting. We saw all kinds of beautiful girls, those that were half naked, those that were looking for customer. My J0yst!ck was so hard that I can’t even control it. I talked to my master planner and we agree to arrange one babe to sU-Ck my d!ck.

Ttech: she will only sU-Ck, you know there is know condom here and all this girls are prostitute so we don’t guarantee save play

Me: yes, your head they there.

Ttech called one of the girls immediately.(*** omo see A$$, chaii this one nah three times in a day, this one go good for bleeping die***). We concluded on sU-Cking and romancing. She took me to one of the room there. On getting there, she pull off her bra and pant, she loose my belt and drag out my J0yst!ck. She dipped it into her mouth and sU-Ck it like a professional. I was m0an!ng like am going to die. I sq££ze her b----t and press her A$$. All my body was shaking, the only thing am hearing In my head is to bleep. (*** but how will I bleep this girl now without condom, omo see her A$$, which kind thing be this***) I started f**cking her mouth and boobs until I wanted to c-m. I cumed on her chest and she robbed it all over her b----t. everything lasted for 20mins . I dressed up and went outside to meet my guy. On my greatest surprise, I couldn’t find Ttech, so I decided to sat down and wait for him.

About 10mins later, I saw my guy coming out from one room entrance with his belt open and he was busy bottening his cloth..

Me: (wave hand for him to see me)

Ttech: haba, so quick,you didn’t waste time

Me: were did you go to?

Ttech: that girl bad, she nearly finished me.

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